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PAGRI (Punjab Agricultural Rejuvenation Initiative) is an organization that is dedicated to transforming the agricultural scene in Punjab especially by increasing the incomes of small farmers and through food processing. Registered in the State of Illinois, PAGRI has developed a very good network of people in Punjab who are very knowledgeable about the real conditions on the ground, and are supported by a dedicated and motivated band of people in the US and Canada that is managing the organization. We intend to maintain a high level of integrity and honesty, be respectful of culture and help build a cooperative spirit of helping others among those we work with and help in Punjab.

Pagri has started activities in Punjab by supporting farmer’s markets and educating farmers on organic farming. We are initiating new activities in developing a platform to directly link farmers and customers, food processing, and marketing of processed products. We are also lining up good people on the ground who can do extension activities to really educate farmers and make them aware of what they can do and opportunities available for them. Pagri is also educating farmers on how to switch from green revolution farming to organic and natural farming that will solve some of the urgent environmental, health and water shortage problems of Punjab.

PAGRI is planning to expand activities in a big way in the area of food processing, using the expertise of knowledgeable people in Punjab, so that small farmers are not at the mercy of big corporations. Also in the planning stages is the modernization of agricultural trade in Punjab by developing a Portal that will connect farmers with various people that are active in the agrarian economy.

  • 06/13/2022

    An Update to Overall Pagri Activities

    Dear Friends,

    We are finally ramping up our activities with significant actions being initiated in the following areas:

    1. Drirect extension to farmers so that they can implement better agriculturla practices.

    2. Online support to farmers in their efforts to form Farmer's Producer Organizations (FPOs)

    3. Online App to directly link farmers to customers

    4. Further developing direct marketing by farmers and possibly setting up a demonstration site

    5. Direct support for FPO formation for crops like Basmati rice and Sugracane.

    Harinder Lamba

    Secretary, PAGRI


Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $400.00 March 2022
Rajinder Mago $101.00 December 2021
Harinder Lamba $100.00 December 2021

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