Converting Rural Schools To Green Schools

Sponsored by The Kalgidhar Trust/Baru Sahib
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School Is a Sun Ray Away

Rural Punjab, the cradle of Green Revolution is embarking on a Green Evolution – the making of GREEN SCHOOLS.

Children of Punjab are all set to harvest the SUN for converting their schools to run on solar energy, making their schools green and sustainability enriched.

Sustainability enriched schools come with their share of positive paybacks

a)     Converting the school to 10 KWp (Kilo Watt peak) green school is equivalent of planting 700 full grown trees

b)      Reducing CO2 emission by 260 MT ANNUALLY

c)     ANNUAL SAVINGS of Rs. 1,00,000 on electricity bills

d)     This saving can be effectively ploughed back in offering school fees free education to the high calibre coming from marginalised resources families

making the school just a sun ray of hope away. 


What do we intend to do?

Every quarter we seek to convert 10 (K-12) schools in the villages of Punjab and ensure school fees free education for 30 students for next 24 years. Thereby every three months will help us to provide school fees free education to 120 students per year.


How we will do it?

 Through crowd funding and in collaboration with Kalgidhar Trust- people who have built 129 rural schools and two rural universities in North India since 1982. Together we will convert 10 schools every quarter.

a)     Proof of our concept

2018-19: we have achieved conversion of 12 schools and Akal University Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda Punjab a total foot print of 1200 KWp. Achieving a savings of Rs 1 Crores of electricity utility bills per year. This was achieved through bank loan and government subsidy

b)     Why are we seeking crowdfunding?

With Government having discontinued subsidy towards Solar power infrastructure in institutional areas from Jan- Feb 2020 (Current subsidy is only for the residential solar infra structure)


Quantum of crowd funding required

Rs. 50,00,000/- for putting 10 schools with 10 KWp per school.

This fund will be utilised as below:

Solar Modules - Rs. 20,00,000

Invertors - Rs. 8,50,000

Structure - Rs. 4,50,000

Civil Works - Rs. 1,50,000

Electrical Fittings (Acdb, Dcdb, Cables, Panels Etc) - Rs. 5,50,000

Earthing, Lightning Protection, Control System Etc) - Rs. 7,50,000

Installation Cost - Rs. 2,50,000

Total - Rs. 50,00,000


Academies where the Solar Plants shall be installed

  1. Akal Academy Muktsar
  2. Akal Academy 31BB Padampur
  3. Akal Academy Khuian Sarvar
  4. Akal Academy Killi Nihal Singh
  5. Akal Academy Jand Sahib
  6. Akal Academy Theh Kalander
  7. Akal Academy FatehGarh Ganduan
  8. Akal Academy Jagga Ram Tirath
  9. Akal Academy Bagha
  10. Akal Academy Uddat Saidewal


Savings to Student Calculation

Project Size - 100 kWp

Nos. of Academies - 10

Annual Savings from Solar Plant - Rs. 10,00,000

Maintenance cost - Rs. 1,00,000

Net Savings - Rs. 9,00,000

Yearly Education cost per student - Rs. 30,000

Nos. of Students benefit per year - 30 (30 Students shall be taught every year for the next 25 years)


Environment Calculation

1 KWp Plant is equal to planting numbers of trees - 70

100 kWp Plant shall be equal to planting numbers of trees - 7,000

1 kWp reduces Co2 (in MT) - 26

100 kWp shall reduce (in MT) - 2,600

  • 03/13/2021

    Thank you for your Support

    We would like to share with you the updated about the generous donation you made to us for this noble project of Converting Rural Schools to Green Schools.

    Below are the details of the project implemented with you blessings:

    Location: Akal Academy Ratia, Fatehabad, Haryana, India

    Total Project Amount for 65 kWp (in Lakhs) = 34.12 
    Subsidy (Receivables) (in lakhs)= 8.13
    Net Cost Post Subsidy receivables (in Lakhs) = 25.99
    Crowdfunding Received (in lakhs)= 7.32


    Donation Funds utilised for:

    Civil Works- INR 1,05,000
    Structure- INR 3,25,000
    Inverter- INR 2,40,000
    Electrical Cabling and fittings- INR 62,426


    The images of the project are as follows:


Name Donation Date
Vikram Singh $40.00 April 2021
Jhujhar Singh Sarna $20.00 December 2020
Surinderjit Kahlon $100.00 December 2020
Anonymous $3,500.00 December 2020
Sarjit Kaur $20.00 November 2020
R. K. $5,000.00 November 2020
Kuldip Dosanjh $100.00 November 2020
manpreet singh $200.00 November 2020
M. P. $75.00 November 2020
Anonymous $185.00 November 2020
Anonymous $10.00 November 2020
Mandeep Singh $10.00 November 2020
Harpreet Singh $185.00 November 2020

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