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Guided by Guru Nanak's philosophy and inspired by historical texts, "ALLEGORY, A Tapestry of Guru Nanak's Travels", the 24 episode docuseries have been created to sequentially present Guru Nanak's life and messages. Taking life risks, the team navigated through all the geographies visited by Guru Nanak. The docuseries has no commercial objective and has been made available free of charge on

The entire 24-episode series has been created in English & Punjabi.

Ask & Cost

In the next phase, the docuseries are to be translated in Hindi, Urdu ad Shahmukhi which will cost USD 120K Hindi, 120K for Urdu and 40K for Shahmukhi.

Your Impact

We are seeking urgent attention from the 'Dasvandh' donor base to support this project as the editing team which has put together the entire 20 hour content of the English docuseries are the ones who have to see through the completion of additional languages.

Like in the case of making the English & Punjabi versions of the docuseries freely available, we remain committed to doing the same with the other language versions too. The project will continue to have no commercial objective.

Additionals details can be found at

  • 06/30/2022

    Hindi, Udru & Shahmukhi versions

    From 11 May 2022, the Punjabi version of the docuseries is being released one episode a week at

    We are currently partially funded for the Hindi version and have started the editing work. We seek community support for the completion of the series in Hindi, Urdu and Shahmukhi.

  • 04/16/2022

    Punjabi Version starts releasing from 11 May

    Having released the entire 24 episode docuseries free of charge for the viewer on we are now starting the release of the weekly episodes of the Punjabi version from 11 May 2022.

    We appeal to the community to support the creation of Hindi and Urdu versions of the docuseries.

  • 02/13/2022

    Translation of the Docuseries

    We started releasing the weekly episodes of the 24 episode docuseries from 10 September and as of 13 Feb 2022, 18 episodes are released on

    To increase the outreach of Guru Nanak's narrative amongst broader communities, we seek your contributions to help us deliver the following phases.

    1) Guru Nanak docuseries in Punjabi – Release mid 2022

    2) Guru Nanak docuseries in Hindi & Urdu – Release 2023

    We have already started work on the Gurmukhi version. Funding is needed for producing the series in Hindi and Urdu versions. 

    The series being available in additional languages, other than English, will enable people to better connect with Guru Nanak's life and message.

  • 11/27/2021

    Docuseries Released

    The 24 episode of the English docuseries is being released weekly on and is available as free narrative langar to the community.

    We have started the script translation and from Jan 2022 would like to start the editing of episodes to make the Punjabi version. We are trying to raise funding to plug the gap. The Dasvandh network appeal has not caught the attention of the sangat so we are exploring other channels. We remain confident to find sponsorship to complete the Punjabi version of the documentary series.

Name Donation Date
P. D. $25.00 June 2022
G. S. $25,000.00 June 2022
P. D. $25.00 May 2022
P. D. $25.00 April 2022
Nad Music Institute $500.00 March 2022
Prabh Dilbar $25.00 March 2022
Gurbir Singh $200.00 February 2022
D. S. $10.00 January 2022
Inderpreet Singh $21.00 December 2021
Anmol Nijjar $2,500.00 December 2021
Anonymous $120.00 December 2021
D. S. $10.00 December 2021
Anita kaur Chatterjee $1,001.00 November 2021
Match Fund $100.00 November 2021
Daljeet Singh $10.00 November 2021
janit singh $500.00 November 2021
Arvind Singh $50.00 November 2021
Prebhdev Singh $100.00 November 2021
Match Fund $400.00 November 2021
Harshwinder Singh $400.00 November 2021
Match Fund $250.00 November 2021
Gurpal Bhuller $250.00 November 2021
Tarandeep Singh $15.00 November 2021
D. L. $5,000.00 November 2021
Tejinder Glamour $250.00 November 2021
H. S. $101.00 October 2021

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