Corporate Matching

Your employer could DOUBLE your donation!

Many companies match donations made to charitable organizations by their employees and retirees. You may be able to multiply a donation you have already made! First see if your company matches donations (please note the link below is an independent website and will open in a new browser window):

Search for your company

If you find your company profile, the profile page should provide an online link to submit a corporate matching request or the applicable contact person at your company. If it does not, we suggest you contact your company's Human Resources team to determine whether and how you might be able to obtain a matching gift (or suggest your company start a corporate matching gift program if they don't have one already).

If they are willing to match your gift, please have them send the donation by check (made out to Dasvandh Network) to:

Dasvandh Network
6002 Camp Bullis Rd
San Antonio, TX 78257

Once we receive the check, we can issue a receipt to your company should they require one. They can also contact [email protected] or call 248-906-8039 at any time for more information.

If you know your company is going to be matching your donation, please send an email to [email protected] letting us know the amount and for which organizations/projects you'd like the matching donation allocated. If you'd prefer, you can instead have your company reference your Dasvandh Network transaction ID# and then we can allocate the matching gift in the same manner you did.

Thanks for your help! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.