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Camp Panth is an educational institutional platform that aims to provide a platform to experience the Gurus “Kashi”, focusing on educating attendees on various aspects of Gurmat from learning how to read Gurbani, understanding Sikh history and philosophy, and other related topics. These activities are taught through the traditional scholarly institution of Education called Sampardai Vidya. The goal of this annual camp is to empower the participants to take ownership of their own spiritual development and to be an active member of the community.

We had started this project in 2021. There were 7 students, 2 Sevadaars and 1 Teacher. Today we have grown, with our last camp being a collection of 60 students, 6 Teachers and many sevadaars. 

Till date we have had 6 Camps in over 6 states! CT, GA, NY, NJ, CA, PA. You can help us continue this mission! Your donation helps us build this institution even further and allows us to grow educational resources here in the USA and beyond. 

  • 12/28/2023

    Registration is now Open!!

    Registration is now open for 2024!!

    Dates: March 7th-10th 📅
    Location: Georgia, USA 📍

    Registration Link:

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