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Helping Farmers with Marketing

A project of PAGRI
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Helping farmers independently sell their produce, especially for organic produce is a big challenge. PAGRI has taken this up in a multi-dimensional approach: Farmer’s Markets, direct selling online with an App, helping farmers groups market larger quantities to bigger cities (though marketing intelligence).

Pagri has started to help with farmer’s markets. Here is a photo of a farmer’s market in Faridkot that PAGRI has begun to help with. Initially this market was inaugurated in February 2021 assisted by the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) under program called ATMA to support farmers for one month. But on the request of farmers his help was extended for four months. PAGRI has taken up supporting the farmers at this location and needs to expand activity with a banner, flyer and information for farmers, that will include educational activities for marketing, food processing and organic and natural farming. Also, consumers will be educated about the value of organic food, both for their health and for environment, so they begin to agree to pay more for it. This is important is organic farming is to succeed since it does have a higher labor cost.

PAGRI is expanding this activity to work with others to have an App available for farmers and consumers, so that customers can order directly from farmers and have the produce delivered. On a larger scale, PAGRI is working on how to use marketing intelligence so as to market fresh produce to bigger cities.

  • 03/20/2022

    Helping Farmers with Direct Marketing

    PAGRI continues to support the activities that will improve the incomes of farmers in Punjab and educate them towards types of farming that require less expensive and less environmentally damaging methods. We are providing support for the farmers market in Faridkot near the Punjab Agricultural University campus that assemble twice a week. We are in the process of hiring a person to man a table at the market, with PAGRI banner, flyers and  educational materials. 

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