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Creating Positive Change for Survivors & Families

Through Sikh Family Center's National (free, private, and bilingual) Helpline, sangat members receive services in Punjabi and English including crisis intervention, appropriate referrals, and advocacy that increases the range of options for those most vulnerable. 

Calls to our Helpline continue to increase. We note this is good news--as hard as the individual situations are, folks are reaching out for support and realize they are not alone!

Our Impact 

In Fall 2022, we trained a new cohort of Peer Counselors to answer Helpline calls. Our specialized trainings for Peer Counselors, which spans 25+ hours and includes partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, covers critical information about trauma-responses, danger assessment, and the signs and dangers of strangulation.

Our Peer Counselors:

*Provide bilingual, trauma-informed emotional support.

*Listen and reflect with callers in complete privacy.

*Help callers identify and sort priorities.

*Search to find callers the support they want through our growing national network of contacts.

Our Next Phase

Now we seek to boost our Urgent Action Fund to cover expenses for time-sensitive financial support and services we provide to our callers, including:

  • New Phones (e.g. recently to a woman being stalked)
  • Phone card (E.g. to an immigrant survivor of domestic violence)
  • Motel costs (E.g. ten days of stay for mom and child when no shelter beds were available in her neighboring counties)
  • Low Bono/discounted assessment & counseling services (e.g. for a child trauma survivor)
  • Legal filing fees (e.g. emergency petitions)
  • Short-term Rental Assistance 

OUR DRIVING BELIEF: Various social and cultural barriers prevent the equitable, just, healthy and strong Sikh panth envisioned by the Gurus.

ONE of our key strategies is to sustain and enhance quality Helpline peer counselor support for survivors of violence and other forms of trauma.

Impactful, Trauma-centered Services

Anticipated Results:

*Community members of all ages know help is available and become more likely to overcome shame and fear of reaching out when faced with challenges. 

*Voices and experiences of the most impacted informs Sikh Family Center's strategies.

*Survivors of violence feel heard, supported, empowered to make informed choices and their immediate needs for protection are met more often. 

Please check out our latest updates and thank you to the community for your support! 

  • 07/27/2023

    Creating Positive Change for Survivors & Families

    During the first half of 2023 some of the calls we have responded to include:

    • A caller seeking guidance on how to support their friend who is in an abusive relationship
    • A mom seeking emotional support, while navigating the legal systems to protect herself and her children from an abusive partner
    • A Singh looking for referrals to an inpatient substance use disorder treatment program that provide support in Punjabi, regardless of legal status and insurance
    • A young, isolated mother exploring options in case she needs to flee with her child

    Regardless of why they are calling, survivors deserve a clear path to independence, and stability. Nearly all survivors of domestic violence experience financial abuse, creating cycles of struggle. Survivors with fewer financial resources are more likely to return to an abusive partner.

    Our Urgent Action Fund covers expenses for time-sensitive financial support and services we provide to callers on our National Helpline.

    For example, we recently supported a Domestic Violence survivor with a general merchandise gift card to purchase household necessities for herself and her child.

    Do you know the average cost of groceries for a single mom with a child? What other needs can a family have?

    • Transportation whether that is fuel for car, uber, or taking the bus.
    • Clothing for changing weather
    • Personal hygiene items
    • Cleaning supplies/laundry detergent
    • Toys/stuffed animals to provide emotional support for child

    Some unexpected expenses may include paying for legal filing fees; car repairs; medical bills etc. 

    Your generous support can help break the cycle of financial abuse, providing survivors with the tools and resources they need to rebuild their lives with independence and security.

    Imagine the impact you can make by giving today!

  • 04/19/2023

    A boost for Helpline & early Intervention Program!

    In the first quarter of 2023, Sikh Family Center welcomed our first full time staff member: Sanjog Kaur as our Intervention Program Manager! Sanjog brings dedication, inspiration, energy and humility, all at once. We will continue the work to intentionally strengthen our intervention programming including maintaining coverage in crisis situations (such as those we triaged during several fatalities last year). 

    Calls to our Helpline continue to increase. We note this is good news--as hard as the individual situations are, folks are reaching out for support and realize they are not alone!

    In March alone, our trained Peer Counselors have logged over 800 minutes responding to new calls for support from across the country on issues ranging from DV shelters to mental health support to Substance Abuse Disorder treatment to having a difficult conversation.

    We need your help to develop a more robust Urgent Action Fund!

    YOU can help strengthen the community by donating today!

  • 01/26/2022

    Impactful, trauma-centered services

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you so much for being a part of the change we all seek to make in our community.

    Have you seen our new video

    When we assess the impact of our intervention services (including our Nationwide, Non-emergency Helpline), we imagine where an individual was before they reached out to Sikh Family Center and where they are after they have received supportive and trauma-centered services through us. 

    • Do they feel empowered or heard? 
    • Are they more aware of local resources available to them? 
    • Are they given information to make an informed decision based on their circumstances?  
    • Have they developed trust to call us again, whenever they may be ready? 

    The peer counselors we train and coordinate do all of this and more while providing culturally-aware  responses to anyone who calls our free, non-emergency, bilingual, and private Helpline. 


    We wanted you to hear from our Peer Counselors:

    "Alone and trying to navigate a foreign system during your darkest days can be overwhelming. Alone because you don't have a single supportive person in this country. Like the caller we had, pregnant and abandoned by her husband.

    Or, then alone because you are surrounded by so many family and friends but don't feel like you can turn to them for help. Like callers we have who perhaps seem so 'connected' to those who don't really know what's going on in their lives...

    They turn to Sikh Family Center.

    Although strangers, I believe I am a familiar voice... Someone they have never met but feel connected to and trust.

    I provide guidance, a connection to resources, support, motivation and hope."

    The ongoing contributions of generous and justice-minded sangat like you make this seva possible! We thank you for being part of the solution. Together, we are so much stronger and safer!

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