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Autosomal Dominant Leukodystrophy (ADLD) is a rare, genetic disease that causes symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis (MS) e.g., paralysis, speech impairment, bowel dysfunction, etc. ADLD is a fatal disease that slowly progresses - patients often suffer from the disease for several decades after onset.

Each child from a parent with ADLD has a 50% chance of developing ADLD as well.

While ADLD is very rare, with only around 1000 known patients, it has been found around the world in countries within the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The mission of the ADLD Center ( is to support research into various aspects of Autosomal Dominant Leukodystrophy. We aim to focus on facilitating research on how the disease works, as well as potential therapies, while helping create a support network to disseminate relevant and helpful information for patients and their families.

Our Work Includes:

- Raising awareness about ADLD among physicians, scientists, and the general public
- Supporting relevant research through a grant research program
- Providing a caring and educational community for patients and their families; and
- Serving as a unique information resource.

Details on our efforts can be found here: Fundraising Overview PDF

We are raising funds for the 2021 - 2023 time period. Please see additional details either in the PDF, looking at the "Photos" section, or by watching our Webinar from October 2021 above!

Donations will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR up to $250,000

  • 12/31/2022

    2022 Update and 2023 Plan

    Please take a quick look at our video update for 2022, which is now on our profile page at and available here:

    We also lay out our funding needs and spending plan for 2023 and 2024.

    Thank you for your support.

  • 11/10/2022

    Donor Update - November 2022

    Thank you for generously supporting our efforts on behalf of the ADLD community!

    2022 has been a busy and productive year for the ADLD Center. We want to take this opportunity to share highlights of our recent activities and momentum to support the community. Our key work streams include: Scientific Research, Collaborative Clinical Network, Patient Engagement + Registry, Strategy & Operations, Communications, Fundraising, and Grants. 

    We hope you will take a moment to read through our recent accomplishments below – this work would not be possible without your investment. 

    • Funded key research initiative with a gift of $25,000 to support our partner Dr. Quasar Padiath’s crucial ADLD research in the Department of Human Genetics at the School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh.
    • Officially launched The ADLD Research Hub! We continue our efforts to build a comprehensive ADLD Patient Registry and engage with patients and caregivers to help us understand and serve the needs of the community, in addition to facilitating research.
    • Continued creating awareness by leading another well-attended webinar with a number of scientists and patients alike (watch here). There was a very extensive Q&A after the webinar that demonstrated the high level of patient engagement we are seeing.
    • Presented at the first ever ADLD scientific conference in the world. Met with leading researchers from various countries including Italy and the Netherlands, and learned about the latest ADLD research. We also informed them about our efforts in order to connect with their ADLD patients and convey our upcoming grant opportunity for ADLD research.
    • Attended key scientific meetings including the 2022 Global Leukodystrophy Initiative (GLIA) working meeting, held in Philadelphia, PA, which was designed to have patient advocacy groups collaborate directly with researchers and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders to determine readiness for a clinical trial and path to treatment. 
    • Investing in research through a partnership with a fellow non-profit org, the Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania. We are developing a focused funding opportunity to help meet the needs of our research community. The Request for Applications will launch by the end of the year, and we will award two $50,000 grants to suitable research team(s). 

    A few more projects that are currently in progress where your funds will have continued impact:

    • Exploring a new therapeutic path with n-Lorem Foundation to discover potential treatments for patients with rare genetic diseases. New genetics-based approaches show promise for treating monogenic diseases like ADLD. 
    • Building out a Research Consortium to hold regularly scheduled meetings with our ADLD research collaborators to address challenges, track progress, and learn from one another on recent advancements. Funding research based on the budget we have available will directly impact the progress we collectively make towards finding a cure for the disease.
    • Creating an ADLD Center of Excellence at an academic medical center (AMC) to establish a protocol for tracking disease severity and progression from a clinical perspective. Once we have a proposed treatment intervention, this will enable us to reliably track its efficacy. While AMC’s (i.e physicians, scientists, nurses, care coordinators, etc.) are interested in finding cures for diseases, prioritizing ADLD (i.e. securing physician and team time) over any other rare disease will depend on successful fundraising for ADLD. This makes our fundraising critical to success in treating the disease.
    • Serving patients through community events and advancement of the ADLD Research Hub. We must both create a supportive community for patients and caregivers in addition to pushing towards a cure.

    We are grateful to have you by our side and look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.

  • 03/08/2022

    Donor Update - March 2022

    Thank you so much for your generous contribution to the ADLD Center!

    2022 has been an incredibly focused year for the Center as we work to make significant progress on our strategic priorities. We want to take a moment and share highlights of our recent momentum with you:

    • Creating Awareness through a highly attended webinar with a number of scientists and patients alike (watch here)
    • Forming strong clinical partnerships across the U.S. to build our clinical care network (e.g., Mayo Clinic, University of Pittsburgh, Harvard, Italian Centers)
      Selecting a patient registry platform to securely bring together patient data for research and treatment development
    • Establishing a committed and expert volunteer base of 8-10 individuals committed to driving our key workstreams (Strategy + Partnerships, Collaborative Research Network, Patient Engagement + Registry, Communications, Fundraising + Finance, and Grants)
    • Ensuring sustainability of efforts by applying for multiple research funded by the Foundation for the NIH and other organizations - we hope to hear the results soon. We continue to look for further funding opportunities to help support our cause

    A few ways in which your funds will have continued impact:

    • In partnership with the Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania, we will bring together scientists from around the globe to determine the most important research areas with respect to ADLD.  Based on this Think Tank, we will issue a $100,000 grant to a fitting research team after a rigorous application process
    • Creation of an ADLD Clinical Care Network that develops expertise in the care of the disease (initially 5-7 doctors across the globe)
    • Patient Engagement and Registry efforts (inclusive of outreach, software license fees, consulting fees, etc.)
    • Funding genetic and clinical research teams when needed 

    Thank you again for your continued support – we could not do this critical work without you by our side. We always appreciate hearing from our supporters – if you have any questions or ideas on ways to further our efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    ADLD Center Board

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