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Sikh children need inclusive, inspiring and imaginative books.

That is what we’re all about. 

The story of Brave Lion Books starts with the birth of our first son, Ajeet Singh, who gave us the greatest gift of becoming parents. After reading and re-reading dozens of children's books to him, it was clear that the books with images of Sikhs always became Ajeet's favorite. Any Sikh boy with a patka would be named ‘Ajeet Singh’ and any Sikh girl with two braids was always his cousin-sister ‘Sobha Bhain ji.’ In those handful of books, he sees a reflection of his identity and experiences, boosting his self-confidence. Sikh children need books that are inclusive.

When Ajeet began preschool, kids and teachers naturally were curious about his patka. They loved when we donated My First Singh Book by Parveen Kaur Dhillon to his class library. His fellow 2 year old friends often read the book and now we would see them happily referring to the Sikh boy as ‘Ajeet.' For them, it's a window into Ajeet’s world. They get excited to see him on the soccer field helping his fallen teammate or picking up garbage from the street, all while proudly wearing his turban. All kids need books that are inspiring.

Our cubs soon became a pack of three and in the midst of our hectic daily grind, there are few constants each day - books and gurbani. Gurbani can guide even the littlest lions. Its universal message can help them make good choices and face any adversity. Stories inspired by Gurbani and vivid illustrations that display daily examples of compassion, service and honesty can give our kids a guiding light to tackle any situation. Sikh children need imaginative books. 

Brave Lion Books is dedicated to producing children’s literature for young Singhs and Kaurs and inspire them to live a life rooted in Gurmat!

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B. S. $9.80 May 2023
B. S. $9.80 April 2023
B. S. $9.80 March 2023
Jasmine Kaur $20.00 November 2021
Match Fund $400.00 November 2021
Ravinder Batra $500.00 November 2021
Match Fund $300.00 November 2021
Anonymous $300.00 November 2021

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