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Kamalla Kaur
Bellingham, Washington, US

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The Chardi Kala Project's mission is to tackle hate crimes against Sikhs, and others, via advocacy through education. According to the Sikh Coalition, Washington state is the third most dangerous place for Sikhs in the United States. 

The Chardi Kala Project was founded in January of 2018 by Kamalla Kaur and Dr. Kirpal Singh, with the help of Whatcom County Gurdwaras and Sikh volunteers.  It is designed as a pilot program that will model how to promote understanding of Sikh culture in non-Sikh communities.

Since its founding, the Chardi Kala Project has reached approximately 15,000 folks through in-school educational programs, Interfaith events, as well as community outreach. Additionally, local gurdwaras participate in the Chardi Kala Project's seva to feed the homeless in Whatcom County.


1. Increase our presence in the Whatcom Counties public and private schools through basic presentations about Sikhs, Sikhi, and local Sikh pioneer history. 

2. To initiate a campaign to educate civic leaders about Sikhs and the challenges Sikh's face.

3. Produce annual Children's Art Festival and Gurdwara Open House to introduce and familiarize the broader Whatcom community with the local Sikh sangat.

4. Broaden our outreach to have a greater presence at local fairs and festivals.

5. Create more field trip opportunties for college students and local clubs to visit Gurdwaras to share Langar and conversation about advocacy for Sikh and non-Sikh communities who experience hate crimes.

6. Expand "ONE Whatcom!" events: collaborations with other grassroots organizations, such as Better Together--BLM, to connect with other communites facing hate crimes.

7. To grow our capacity to serve the hungry though our seva to the homeless community.


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