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Japjot Sethi
San Jose, California, US

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Free Meals On Wheels started with a mission to provide food to anyone in need and fight food insecurity. Free Meals On Wheels Is a platform that provides resources to people in need and a network of great people who want to help others. 

Free Meals On Wheels in a 501 C 3 Non profit and fully volunteer based. Learn more about us on our website


  • 11/12/2022

    Blankets and Winter Kits For Homeless Individuals

    Hello Everyone, 

    Free Meals On Wheels will be cooking 1000 Hot thanksgiving meals for the homless individuals in Bay Area and Central Valley. We will also be distributing Blankets and Winter Kits. We need your support to help us meet this goal. Please support us by making a donation!

Name Donate Amount Date
Karam Singh $250.00 January 2023
Anonymous $101.00 December 2022
Match Fund $25.00 November 2022
H. S. $25.00 November 2022
Match Fund $100.00 November 2022
Surjit Makkar $100.00 November 2022