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Venkatesh Raghavendra
Bellevue, Washington, US
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We are impassioned changemakers determined to create a path of wellbeing for a better Punjab.


Our Mission


The RoundGlass Foundation is on a mission to facilitate wholistic wellbeing in the state of Punjab through programming in environment, youth sports, education, and women's livelihoods. 

Our Vision

Creating ‘wellbeing’ for every individual and every community in Punjab, regardless of social or economic status thus, enabling them to thrive and achieve their full potential.


Our Reach: Ambitious, nurturing and grounded

RoundGlass Foundation is a foundation created to accelerate development in under-served communities of Punjab by leveraging the power of philanthropic partnerships.

We have embarked on an ambitious journey and are committed to transforming societies and benefitting generations. In four years, we have reached 1,100+ villages of Punjab. We aim to be in 2000 villages in less than five years of inception. Our work can be further accelerated by people from all walks joining forces with us. A firm belief in our shared humanity drives our work.

With 8 active on-ground initiatives across children and youth development, sports, women, waste management, green cover renewal, community, health, and animal welfare, we touch most of the population of a community from age 5 to 99.



Our Work: Punjab and Prosperity


Founded upon and guided by principles of holistic wellbeing, our work focuses on empowering individuals and communities to lead better lives by building self-reliance, co-existence, and sustainability.

Taking the path of collective responsibility, we support government agencies and build partnerships across social and private sector to scale up the effect of change. We make social, cultural and economic investments to impact the entire community for generations to come.

RoundGlass Foundation is poised for transforming the state of Punjab once again into the symbol of prosperity it once was.

Our Initiatives


  • Her Punjab - We address women’s wellbeing through enabling enhanced health and menstrual hygiene practices.
    • Women’s Health
    • Women’s Self Health Groups
    • Craft Revival 
  • Learn Punjab - Young lives learn, are independent and world-aware. Inspired, skilled, and empowered to build a brighter future. Proud to be part of the community.
    • Learn Lab
    • Sports Centers
  • Sustain Punjab - Every life commits to a greener and cleaner environment. Works toward cleaner air and a cleaner habitat. Takes pride in their clean and disease-free surroundings to live in harmony with nature.
    • Plant for Punjab
    • Waste Management 
    • Regenerative Farming 

Join the community that wants to give back for a better Punjab! Visit us at

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