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SevaTruck is a fully licensed food truck with a commercially integrated kitchen operating in the Washington DC metro area, Richmond VA, Michigan DE and California Bay Area. Through our free meal service campaign, we serve nutrionally-balanced vegetarian meals when and wherever needed. Together, in partnership with local area food banks, shelters and non-profit organizations, we address the effects of poverty in our country and fulfill a higher purpose of serving humanity.

Through the combination of our suppliers, partners, volunteers and the generous contributions of donors, we have served over 250,000 meals since our first event in April 2016.

Serving hot, nutritious, vegetarian meals promotes healthy eating and provides a diet optimized for our underpriviledge community. Join us in making an impact by volunteering, donating and spreading the news about our mission!

Please check out the videos and articles below and visit our website to learn more!

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Our partners at Aasra operate the Seva Food Truck in Michigan. They are our sister organization with their indepdent 501c3 status. 

  • 11/05/2021

    COVID-19 Update

    The pandemic has thrown the existing issues in our region into harsh relief. The DMV has been in a long fight with food insecurity, and according to the Hunger Report 2020, nearly 415,000 people in the region struggled with food insecurity before the pandemic. Now, that number is increasing at alarming rates. In these trying times, SevaTruck is dedicated to rise to meet this need by seeing through our goals of combating hunger, serving humanity, and building unity in our community.

    All meals are now being prepared away from the distribution site to avoid large congregations of people. Meals are prepared in advance and given to our amazing partners who safely distribute them to their respective communities.
    Our weekly number of meals has increased to almost 2000 per week, and we have already exceeded our net output for the entirety of last year.

    SevaTruck offers volunteer opportunities no matter your skills or interests. As a volunteer, you’ll make a real difference while enjoying a positive environment.  Join us to serve food, set up for events, deliver meals and more. Ready to volunteer with SevaTruck?


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G. B. $15.00 November 2022
Gurmit Bhatia $15.00 October 2022
M. S. $10.00 April 2022
M. S. $10.00 March 2022
M. S. $10.00 February 2022
M. S. $10.00 January 2022
Anonymous $50.00 December 2021
M. S. $10.00 December 2021
Simran Kaur & Deepak Ahluwalia $100.00 November 2021
Match Fund $100.00 November 2021
Anonymous $10.00 November 2021
Anonymous $400.00 November 2021
Daljeet Singh $100.00 November 2021
Match Fund $400.00 November 2021
Sikh Community Fund $600.00 November 2021
Match Fund $250.00 November 2021
Gurpal Bhuller $250.00 November 2021