Sikh American Veterans Alliance (SAVA)

Kamal Kalsi
Madison, New Jersey, US
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Through effective advocacy and engagement, the Sikh American Veterans Alliance (SAVA) seeks to mobilize community members and policymakers to:

  • Promote the core values of loyalty, unity, and selfless service intrinsic to both Sikhism and military service;
  • Fight religious extremism and intolerance;
  • Strengthen the U.S. Military by promoting inclusion and fostering a diverse force.


Our Work: Breaking New Policy Ground

SAVA works to strengthen the U.S. Military while supporting a larger American community of civil rights and religious freedom advocates. This work has directly influenced the U.S. Army becoming the only service with a formal policy enabling soldiers to wear articles of faith - such as a turban or facial hair. SAVA’s Founder, Kamal Kalsi, was the first Sikh American soldier to receive an accommodation to the U.S. Army’s uniform and grooming standards and was instrumental in ushering in the Army’s historic 2017 permanent religious accommodation policy change after a decade-long effort.

Over the years, SAVA helped the first three Sikh Americans who entered the U.S. Air Force with accomodations for their turbans and beards. We helped dozens of young Sikh Americans enter the U.S. Army. We also helped a Sikh American soldier with his religious accommodation in the U.S. Navy.

SAVA and the Sikh community’s work to change the U.S. Army’s policy opened up opportunities for other Americans to serve their country while wearing religious head coverings such as turbans and yarmulkes.


Donate to Support SAVA's Work

Join our movement to keep our military strong and diverse. Hit the "Donate" button on this page to make an impact today.

Your donations will help SAVA:

  • Bring sensible religious freedom policy to Washington, D.C.
  • Support new military recruits as they practice their faith
  • Build long-lasting relationships between local communities and leading policy makers
  • Promote the strength and diversity of the U.S. Military


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