The Surat Initiative

Surat Initiative
Manhattan, New York, US
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Surat is a 501c3 nonprofit organization working to strengthen the panth through gurmat inspired social activism generated from the youth. We strive to educate Sikhs educators by connecting them to the roots of their faith, create a platform for social activism, and provide a forum where friendships and support can flourish.

Gurbir Grewal at Surat 2019

Each year, we welcome world-class thought leaders to the conference who share their experiences as well as their stories with the attendees. Our mission is to give our attendees the opportunity to hear from, meet, and network with leaders and visionaries. 

Attendees in a workshop at Surat 2019

“For the past several years, Surat has provided me a unique platform to learn and engage in thoughtful dialogue with fellow attendees. Aside from the fact that Surat is a weekend which allows us to be with some of our closest friends and of course, embrace further networking opportunities, the theme is what brings me back each year”


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Name Donate Amount Date
Administrator Dasvandh Network $400.00 December 2022
Administrator Dasvandh Network $4,000.00 November 2022
Match Fund $400.00 November 2021
Sikh Community Fund $600.00 November 2021
Gurneet Kaur $100.00 February 2021
Administrator Dasvandh Network $900.00 December 2020
Match Fund $100.00 November 2020
Anonymous $100.00 November 2020
Match Fund $50.00 November 2019
J. K. $50.00 November 2019
Administrator Dasvandh Network $400.00 January 2019
A. D. $395.73 January 2018
J. A. $100.00 August 2016
M. S. $50.00 September 2015
J. S. $200.00 January 2015
M. S. $50.00 December 2014
G. S. $500.00 November 2014
B. S. $500.00 December 2013
M. D. $50.00 February 2013

The Surat Fauj Running Club

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