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Photography as a medium came to Panjab in 1840s but there is not even a single properly managed photo archives. Photography has grown from an elite medium to mass production with transition from celluloid to digital media. Photography documents events, people and society in all its variety as subjects and as subtle foreground or background. Hence, photography is an important source to understand history and people with specific reference to time and space. Lithography & Painting is a pre camera medium which preserved landscape and lifestyle of ruling elite, historical events and common people.

PDL has a large digital collection of photographs, lithographs and paintings; about 27,000 in total. Many of the personal collections remained confined to limited audience despite great historical and social significance; digitization has brought them out of confinement. Photographs of now lost historical buildings, British Panjabi soldiers deployed all-over world, British atrocities against Gurudwara Reform Movement, World Wars, significant personalities and common people need to be curated to make sense of the subjects and their historical significance. Free access will be provided to these pictures online once curated.

Curated archives of photographs will facilitate social science scholars, art historians and heritage scholars in their explorations. It will satisfy as well as incite curiosities of people interested in past and wish to compare it with present. People will be able to trace personal, family and social histories through photographs. It will make comparative studies easier to understand landscapes in historical and contemporary contexts. Over the period of time landscapes have changed beyond recognition but photographic evidences can make that change comprehend easily e.g. without Dhana Singh’s collection of photographs of 1930 it is difficult to understand the landscape of Banda Bahadur’s battle of Gurdas Nangal.

Project has to be completed in multiple phases; 5,000 pictures in each phase. It will cost $10,000 for first lot of 5,000 pictures; selected, curated and made online in 12 months.

Schedule of Deliveries
1 Jan 2016 – Curation to be initiated
30 Jun 2016 – 2000 pictures to go online
31 Dec 2016 – 3000 pictures to go online

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Name Donation Date
Y. S. $100.00 November 2015
G. S. $25.00 November 2015
C. S. $25.00 November 2015
M. S. $25.00 November 2015
A. S. $250.00 November 2015
D. S. $1,000.00 November 2015
J. S. $50.00 November 2015
G. S. $25.00 November 2015
J. P. $500.00 November 2015
P. D. $100.00 November 2015
D. M. $25.00 November 2015
H. K. $25.00 November 2015
P. S. $1,500.00 November 2015
D. M. $50.00 October 2015
C. S. $25.00 October 2015
G. S. $25.00 October 2015
D. M. $50.00 September 2015
C. S. $25.00 September 2015
G. S. $25.00 September 2015
D. M. $50.00 August 2015
C. S. $25.00 August 2015
G. S. $25.00 August 2015
D. M. $50.00 July 2015
C. S. $25.00 July 2015
G. S. $25.00 July 2015
D. M. $50.00 June 2015
C. S. $25.00 June 2015
G. S. $25.00 June 2015
D. M. $50.00 May 2015
G. S. $25.00 May 2015
C. S. $25.00 May 2015
D. M. $50.00 April 2015
G. S. $25.00 April 2015
C. S. $25.00 April 2015
D. M. $50.00 March 2015
M. S. $50.00 March 2015
C. S. $25.00 March 2015
G. S. $25.00 March 2015
D. M. $50.00 February 2015
C. S. $25.00 February 2015
G. S. $25.00 February 2015
D. M. $50.00 January 2015
L. D. $1,000.00 January 2015
C. S. $25.00 January 2015
G. S. $25.00 January 2015
A. S. $100.00 December 2014
D. M. $50.00 December 2014
C. S. $25.00 December 2014
G. S. $25.00 December 2014
Y. S. $15.00 November 2014
N. S. $100.00 November 2014
D. S. $25.00 November 2014
J. J. $100.00 November 2014
S. K. $10.00 November 2014
D. M. $50.00 November 2014
D. M. $1,500.00 November 2014
G. S. $25.00 November 2014
C. S. $25.00 November 2014
P. S. $1,500.00 November 2014

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