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Combatting Silencing of Sikh Voices through Policy and Research

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When global humanitarian Ravi Singh’s account was blocked on Instagram at the height of the pandemic, he was only one of many Sikh voices that continue to be silenced to this day. 

At SALDEF, we know fighting oppression doesn't start and end online. That's why we also committed to taking the fight on the ground – from leveraging our relationships with the government and technology leaders to advance specific policy recommendations to collecting incidents of social media censorship to create a database and understand the scope of the issue.

As the nation’s oldest advocacy organization seeking to protect Sikhs and the Sikh identity from prejudice and hate, we are also committed to fighting for the civil rights of Sikhs in the digital world. 

When #Sikh was banned worldwide, SALDEF conducted extensive research exploring the persistent censorship of Sikhs worldwide by social media platforms. Citing specific case studies, SALDEF began to compile a report that offers a set of four policy recommendations for mitigating censorship of our community.  With your support, we can continue the development of this censorship report, present our findings to national media outlets and reputable partner organizations and ensure this issue is addressed at a national level.

Will you join us in combating the silencing of Sikh voices? Please donate now to make this censorship report a reality.

  • 02/06/2023

    Combatting Silencing of Sikh Voices through Policy

    We are completing a preliminary report outlining the censorship that we are seeing in the North American Sikh diaspora. This report highlights censorship case studies and the response from social media companies.  Additionally, we are building a coalition of South Asian American advocacy organizations to collaborate on a more comprehensive report outlining how social media platforms have censored minority religious communities, specifically from South Asia. We will leverage our connections on Capitol Hill to hold briefings on the phenomenon and increase awareness throughout DC. Ultimately we hope to conduct Congressional hearings, where heads of content and moderation at platforms must finally be transparent about the decisions their companies made to be complicit in the erasure of our community’s voice, historical facts, political opinions, and perspectives.

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