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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa 
Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

Darbar-E-Khalsa: 35 years of celebrations: IIGS has been organizing  Darbar-E-Khalsa with an unparalleled mix of reverence, pomp, grandeur, punctuality, devotion that the number of attendees has grown from 700+ in 1986 to 15,000+ in the last 34 years. The function is organized annually by International Institute of Gurmat Studies, Inc (IIGS) with the support and cooperation of all the Sikh Gurdwaras and organizations of Southern California.

Virtual Darbar-E-Khalsa on December 25, 2020: Due to Covid, we celebrated Darbar-E-Khalsa online and it was very well received worldwide. Scores of Jathas participated and thousands watched it live online. If you missed it, please visit and watch it there. 

Darbar-E-Khalsa on December 25, 2021: We are hopeful things will get back to normalcy and we will be able to meet everyone in person and celebrate this beautiful day together.

Weekly Virtual Global Dewans: Since June of 2020, IIGS has been organizing weekly virtual global dewans. It's every saturday evening from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (PST). Again, you can join via,, IIGS Facebook page or Zoom. 

Please donate generously. IIGS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax exempt. 

Darbar-E-Khalsa is an IIGS project. Learn more about the organization by visiting


  • 08/31/2021

    7 part series dedicated to Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

    Since our last update 3 months back, IIGS has continued doing the weekly Global Virtual Kirtan Dewans. This past Saturday, it was week 65. In these programs, a lot has been achieved. 500+ participants doing Kirtan, Katha, Vichaar, Saakhis, Sukhmani Sahib Series (24 episodes will be done by this coming Saturday). Thousands of Sangat logging in on zoom or watching it on YouTube,  FB and other platforms.

    You should visit us on our YouTube channel to watch 400+ videos that include, Saakhis, Lectures, Short Films, Kirtan, Simran, Sukhmani Sahib Series, Sikh Awareness Series among other things.

    What's the Latest: For the past 3 months, we have created a 7 part series dedicated to 5th wonderful Guru Sahib, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. So far 3 of those parts have been released. If you haven't watched theme, we highly recommend you to do so. We will include the title and links below for your ease.

    With Waheguru ji's Kirpa, IIGS is moving forward with the sewa regardless of the challenges of the pandemic. To learn more about the organization, please join us on FB page, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel: As promised, the 3 short films links are given below:

    1. Raakha Ek Hamaara Suaami

    2. Asees

    3. Aape Naam Japaavai

    Before starting this series, IIGS made a short film, Sabh Thaayee Hoye Sahaaye. This short film was dedicated to 400th Birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib. 

    All these short films have been very well received by the Sangat. They all have subtitles in English and have a universal message and can be shared with non-Sikh friends. 

    See you in 3 months with more updates.

    Guru Angsang
    Guru Raakha!

    See you in 3 months with more updates.

    Guru Angsang
    Guru Raakha!

  • 06/09/2021

    Sabh Thaayee Hoye Sahaaye: Short film by IIGS

    With Waheguru ji's Grace, IIGS has been organizing weekly virtual global Kirtan dewans catering to the Sangats around the globe. Each dewan is 90 minutes long and it has Kirtan, Saakhis, Talks, Poetry, Vichaars, short films and Sukhmani Sahib Series among other things.

    What started as a 3 day peace prayer in 2020, has become a weekly occurance catering to the Global Sangat. If you haven't seen any of the programs, we highly encourage you to visit us or visit our youtube channel at

    Sabh Thaayee Hoye Sahaaye: A short film dedicated to 400th Birth Anniversary of our 9th wonderful Guru Sahib has been made by IIGS and if you haven't see it, we highly recommend you to see it. 

    Helping the Covid patients and Victims: As you all may have heard, India has been hit hard by Covid and so our team in Delhi whatever the sources allowed to help the one in need with oxygen cylinders, concentrators, medicines, arranging hospital beds among other things.

    Overall, it has been an extremely busy year and with Waheguru ji's grace, the sewa continues... Grateful to Waheguru ji for the opportunity!



  • 03/11/2021

    Darbar-E-Khalsa 2021 Calendar

    Dear Everyone,

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

    As a special thank you for your support, IIGS has created this calendar. Please feel free to download it. Thank you.


  • 11/21/2020

    Every $ you donate is used for a cause/project

    We are grateful to everyone for your generous donations.
    -When you donate to IIGS, your donations (in USA) are tax-exempt as IIGS is a 501(c)(3) organization.
    -Also, since IIGS is run by volunteers, your donation dollars go further as there is no payroll or other overheads. to support.
    -Your donation $$ are spent on giving out scholarships, supporting education of poor and others in need, discounted camp fees, Darbar-E-Khalsa, virtual weekly programs, supporting other community organzations, research and creating content. 

    IIGS has been serving the Sikh community since 1955. Get to know IIGS at

  • 11/19/2020

    Thanks to everyone, we achieved the match goal

    Thanks to everyone, we achieved the match goal. We truly appreciate everyone's support and love. We are grateful to Waheguru ji for the support we are getting. We also thank DVN for providing this platform.

    Next step is to go for the top new donor award. We are on the right track however a lot of time is left between now and the end line. (3 full days). Please donate generously and if you have already done so, then please do inspire others to do the same. Also, please share our donation page on your social media pages. Thanks much. God Bless!

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