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Educating Farmers about Organic Farming

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We are excited to tell you that this project has been transformed from a small farmers marketing project to a major one on Organic Farming ! Please read and then Donate generously!

The project leader will still continue helping with farmers markets and getting the word out about Pagri activities.

What are the problems?

Many decades of “Green Revolution” agriculture have left Punjab with high levels of the use of water, chemical herbicides and pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and decreasing soil fertility, besides having a negative effect on economic and social welfare. So the time has come for gradual transitions to organic farming that begins to reduce these negative effects, while helping consumers overcome the negative health effects of cancer causing chemicals. Also, as of now, there is no direct support for organic farming from the government.

So what is Pagri doing?

That is why PAGRI is transitioning this project to one that provides, “Education and help to farmers to transition to organic farming” in the Faridkot district of Punjab. For this we have been fortunate to find a very capable, motivated, sincere and active person in Balwinder Singh, who has good knowledge of organic agriculture, to educate and encourage farmers and educate consumers.

Our Approach

Balwinderji will begin talking to farmers who have already started organic farming, conduct meetings, visit farmers to develop information and a database about them and encourage them to grow to a group of about 50 genuine farmers in the next 6 months. While he is doing this, he will be demonstrating to them and educating them about the right ways to do organic farming.

He has started to put together a training program to educate farmers about soil health, weed management, irrigation and water management, pest control, sale and marketing. Farmers markets, as were there at the start of this project will be used to disseminate information to farmers and while spreading the word about PAGRI support and activities, and most importantly, to help farmers increase their incomes, and educate consumers about the medical health benefits of organic produce so that they are willing to pay a premium, as happens in the USA.

Winter is a good time to try techniques

For a number of reasons, the winter months are more favourable for organic farming. Hence, PAGRI and Balwinderji will cooperate to encourage some farmers to demonstrate to other farmers, the benefits of organic farming by devoting some of their land to organic practices. Then in the winter months and in spring, these “demonstration plots” will be used to convince other farmers to undertake such practices in the next growing season.

What we have posted

Please check out the photos we have posted. Watching the short accompanying video sent to us by Balwinderji will give you an overall familiarity with what he is doing with the support of PAGRI. We hope that you will support this PAGRI project and the very worthwhile activities of the project led by Balwinder Singh by donating generously!!

  • 01/24/2023

    Expanding Organic Farming

    Many many thanks to those who donated and have supported this project and Pagri.

    The transition from the Rice-Wheat Trap created by the so-called "Green Revolution" (industrial farming) to organic and natural farming is going to be slow. But we need to get out of that trap that leads to high cost tractors, implements, seeds, chemical fertilizer, and poisonous herbicides and pesticides - which often leads to high debt and often suicides. As a result, Punjab's soil and water resources have degraded. 

    Agriculture is an ecological process of microbes, insects and organic matter restoring soil fertility so that the "living soil" cooperates happily with a happy plant, and sunlight and small amounts of water to create produce that is clean, healthy and nutritious. Its not a chemical industrial process based on chemical warfare on all living things except the crop - as is practiced in Punjab and the world over.

    So, here our leader Balwinder Singh is beginning the slow but sure transition to organic farming by teaching a small group of farmers the new techniques that help them do low cost clean agriculture. These techniques can be much lower ibn cost, enabling us to cover more farmers.

    Here we are working to identify and support willing farmers who will implement new lower cost organic farming type practices, so that these farmer’s fields can act as demonstration sites and motivate other farmers to change their practices from the current wheat-rice monocultures. The objective here is to create a revolution among small farmers through actual ground level action. This also needs a parallel activity to convince consumers of the higher value of organic produce, so that they are willing to pay more for it (as now happens in the US).

    When this process succeeds, we will be ready to expand its area and to other farmers.


  • 10/31/2022

    Video from Leader - Request Support Pagri Project

    Video from Balwinder Singh on importance of Pagri Support for
    Educating and Helping Farmers to Transition to Organic Farming
    Please watch this short video from Balwinder Singh, the leader of this project.

    YouTube Video

    He thanks Pagri for initiating the support for this effort. He points out that it has been the high cost of chemical green revolution agriculture combined with glut caused depression of prices that has led to the increase in farmer suicides. Also, mono-cropping like in wheat and rice with hybrid seeds of a few varieties has been a vulnerable kind of agriculture, and that now there is a need for transition to diversity in crop varieties and a bigger emphasis on traditional varieties of seeds. He is educating, guiding and encouraging farmers to transition to organic farming methods by visiting them in their farm fields. He emphasizes that this is the way to improve Punjab’s soil, water and air and restore the state back to the “Rangla Punjab” of bygone times. This is also a good way to help and save small farmers.
    Please support the effort by donating to this Pagri project so that we can help more small farmers and help the needed transition in Punjab’s agriculture.

  • 09/11/2022

    Exciting Actions in Organic Farming

    Pagri is pursuing organic farming by encouraging existing farmers, forming a group of farmers under the leadership of Balwinder Singhji (an acknowledged expert), and is in the process oc convincing some of them to set up demonstration projects on their farms in the winter months. Our process will be slower but methodical.

    Your donations will help this process get established!

  • 09/04/2022

    Update on Education of Farmers for Organic Farming

    Dear Well Wishers,

    We are really excited about this project as we have a very knowledgeable and motivaed person leading this activity. After many years of "green revolution" type agriculture, it is difficult to get a farmer to begin to switch to Orgainc Farming - the process has to be gradual and the farmer needs guidance and understanding. Experience elsewhere ahs indicated that when a farmer makes the switch, there may be a year or two of adversity, but then the farmer's income increases as the cost of inputs is low. 

    With Balwinder Singhji's help we have gotten started and are supporting him in this activity and plan to support him until we acheive a high level of penetration of organic farming and the sale of fresh and processed organic produce. 

    Please donate generously as we need to support this project effectively. We are far from the fundraising goal and need your help to reach it by the end of 2022.

    Harinder Lamba

    Secretary, PAGRI

  • 03/20/2022

    Helping Farmers with Direct Marketing

    PAGRI continues to support the activities that will improve the incomes of farmers in Punjab and educate them towards types of farming that require less expensive and less environmentally damaging methods. We are providing support for the farmers market in Faridkot near the Punjab Agricultural University campus that assemble twice a week. We are in the process of hiring a person to man a table at the market, with PAGRI banner, flyers and  educational materials. 

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