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Gurdwara Education about Family Violence

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Sikh Family Center was happy to create and launch an overdue resource for our community: Family Violence Resource Guide for GurdwarasThis Guide is available in Punjabi and English.

Why is this important right now? 

We know gurdwaras provide essential inspiration and support. We also know that gurdwaras cannot be expected to do everything. Still, with the danger of family violence ever-present in our sangats, gurdwaras must respond in a deliberate, pre-planned, and consistent manner to support victim-survivors.

This guide provides some information, ideas, and resources within the community to share with your sangat and individuals seeking support (including men, women, children, and elders).

The Guide can be found at:

How will your donation help?

In the next three months, we are focusing on disseminating this Guide to guru ghars across the country. Just mailing them is not enough! We will be providing training to guru ghars (as we did this May in NY); dedicating staff and contractor time to individually connect with and engage gurdwara sevadaars and committees.

We look forward to your support: to print & mail hard copies; to train; to follow up (e.g. the NY training we did lead to multiple calls to our non-emergency Helpline).

Please note: we welcome your non-financial dasvandh as well.

Help share the Guide with a gurdwara with which you are connected.

Email us: [email protected] 

  • 10/22/2021

    Distributing and Ongoing Engagement with gurdware

    Sikh Family Center's Family Violence Resource Guide has reached over 55 gurdware in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, California, and many more across the country!

    Here’s a glimpse into some of our conversations with gurdwara leaders encouraged to do more for victim-survivors of violence: 

    “Since the Guide is written for Gurdwara Management, what can we share with the sangat about Sikh Family Center, if they wish to reach someone with expertise for support?”

    Gurdwara sevadars and sangat members can customize the Family Safety Resource Card contained in the Guide (to their area/state) and post ‘Take a Stand Against DV’ flyers in discrete community spaces such as bathroom stalls at their local gurdwara. Sikh Family Center regularly mails copies of the resource cards and flyers in Punjabi and English and can assist in customizing them!

    “Can you give training to gurdwara committees/bhai sahibs about family violence in the Sikh community?”

    Yes! Sikh Family Center offers trainings in Punjabi for gurdwara leadership to help build their knowledge of family violence: what are the signs of abuse, what is coercive control, how we can learn from Sikh survivors, how family violence impacts children 

    “We are not familiar with local resources for survivors of family violence. What are the resources that we should be listing in the Resource cards?”

    We provide support to customize the Family Safety Resource Card from the guide so gurdwaras can post information on their bulletin boards/ Share via WhatsApp.

    We have also been discussing why committees should seriously resist getting involved in asking victim-survivors to reach a “compromise” and instead direct them to resources that can fairly and safely help survivors first achieve safety: whether within the relationship or not. Leaving is not the only option. But survivors must be presented with a range of safe options to make the best decision for their circumstances.  

    Encourage community members to get involved! Read more: How you and gurdwaras can stand up against gender violence.



  • 08/13/2021

    Distributing and Engaging with Gurdware

    Watch Now: Kaur engages gurdware about SFC Family Violence Resource Guide!

    Want to know what it’s like for a Kaur to talk to gurdwara committees/Bhai Sahibs about our Family Violence Resource Guide? Tandeep Kaur, Sikh Family Center's Gender Justice Intern, has actively been involved in distributing and engaging with over 15 gurdware in just her home state!

    She is calling on you for help! Get this guide out to your local gurdware and be a part of the change you want to see. Gurdwaras across the country can take easy, simple steps to address the issue of family violence in our community today.

    This Guide is available in Punjabi and English at Want to help us get it into the hands of your local gurdwara committee? Email us at [email protected] to get started!

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