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This documentary is a profoundly moving and relatable exploration of the life journey of Major General Dr. Lakhvinder Singh Vohra (retired), a globally renowned oncologist. Throughout his career, he saved countless lives, yet he was unable to save those dearest to him. His world shatters when his wife is diagnosed with cancer, leading to a personal breakdown. However, he ultimately finds the strength to rebuild his life and embarks on a new path as a singer.

Dr. Vohra's life story vividly illustrates the unwavering resilience of the human spirit, showcasing its capacity to heal and flourish, even in the most formidable trials. It serves as an inspiration for anyone facing their own challenges, reaffirming the idea that by remaining true to their beliefs, they can discover a path to happiness and fulfillment. "Harmony of Healing" delves deeply into the spirit of "chardi kala."

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Major Event: The film opens with a major event, a music contest specially organized for doctors from around the world. Among the talented participants is Dr. Vohra, who reveals that he is one of the finalists selected from a pool of 7,000 doctors.

Dr. Vohra's Backstory: Through a series of flashbacks, we delve into Dr. Vohra's backstory, understanding how he became an Army doctor and chose to specialize in oncology after his mother's tragic battle with cancer. Despite his efforts, he couldn't save his father-in-law and his brother from the same illness, further driving his dedication to his profession.

Years of Dedication: The narrative explores the subsequent years where Dr. Vohra devotes himself wholeheartedly to his mission of saving lives, working tirelessly in the medical field. Following his retirement from the army, he joins a Guru Nanak Dev Hospital at Tarn Taran Sahib that provides free cancer treatment to patients and later becomes a professor of surgery, imparting his knowledge to aspiring doctors.

Personal tragedy: Dr. Vohra's wife falls ill during her visit to their son. A routine checkup reveals an advanced stage of cancer, leaving no hope for treatment. This devastating diagnosis shakes Dr. Vohra to his core, leading him to return to Jalandhar to care for his ailing wife.

A New Chapter: After his wife's passing, Dr. Vohra honors his commitment to the college but vows to never practice surgery again, avoiding the operating theater and intensive care units. Seeking solace and a fresh start, he discovers his talent and passion for music.

Onstage Transformation: The film culminates in a pivotal moment where Dr. Vohra takes the stage in front of a large audience, participating in the music contest. Though he may not win the competition, his heartfelt performance resonates deeply with the audience, winning their hearts.

Spreading Happiness: Dr. Vohra embraces a new purpose in life, dedicating himself to singing and traveling. While occasionally offering advice to friends and family over the phone, he focuses on spreading the message of happiness through his music, finding fulfillment in touching the lives of others.


Director's Bio

Harleen, a renowned documentary filmmaker, is dedicated to crafting narratives that ignite the audience's aspirations and encourage them to transcend their limitations. With an impressive track record, her films have earned acclaim at more than 100 international film festivals, clinching nine prestigious awards and securing a spot on PBS. A distinguishing hallmark of her work is the prominent inclusion of Sikh individuals in leading roles, a testament to her commitment to showcasing their stories. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, she has been honored as one of the 50 prominent Sikhs in the USA.



Research: Completed 

First phase of shooting: Completed 

Second phase of shooting: November 2023 

Third phase of shooting: December 2023 

Final phase of shooting: March 2024 

Editing: April–July 2024 

Post Production: July–September 2024

Release: October 2024

  • 07/11/2024

    Update on "Harmony of Healing"

    We are excited to share that the editing process for "Harmony of Healing" has officially begun! Our team is carefully piecing together the footage to create a powerful and moving narrative. We anticipate that the editing phase will take between 3 to 6 months to complete.

    Meanwhile, our fundraising efforts are ongoing, and we deeply appreciate the continued support from our community. Every contribution helps us bring this important project to life.

    Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of this journey with us!


  • 04/09/2024


    The film is progressing at a decent pace. I will share an update once we have more footage for the project.

    Thanks for your support and encouragement.

  • 01/11/2024

    Shooting in India

    Filming in India


    Thank you for your valuable contributions. We successfully concluded a significant shooting phase in India over the past month.

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