Hiring our first Staff Person

A project of Sikh Family Center
San Carlos, California, US
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The Sikh Family Center is a grassroots community-based organization that helps create healthy, violence-free, more equitable communities by bridging gaps in access to public resources and social services, and providing education and direct support to community members using an empowerment approach that attends to cultural tradition, immigration experiences, and language access. To this end, SFC partners with broad network of volunteers, faith-based institutions, nonprofit & government agencies within and outside the Sikh community, and across the U.S. to facilitate:

*Outreach, Education & Activism (teen empowerment workshops, resource creation, health awareness campaigns)
*Access to Social Services (crisis counseling, domestic violence prevention & response, peer support)
*Creative Cultural Expression (art/music/poetry spotlights, community art events)

Our Part Time Staff Person Will:
1. Be trained in crisis response; have professional experience working in anti-violence organizations; comfortable with education & outreach in Punjabi and English; and committed to working across lines of age, gender, immigration status, etc.
2. Build and maintain collaborative working relationships with Sikh organizations and institutions, encouraging programming and outreach on intra-community issues including health; family violence; language access; child welfare.
3. Provide cross-cultural education to non-Sikh service providers and build solidarities
4. Conduct community outreach in person, through webinars, and via social media
5. Increase community awareness about SFC Helpline for crisis counseling, peer support, and warm referrals to necessary social services
6. Coordinate SFC Helpline volunteers and maintain continuous coverage of Line.
7. Recruit and train volunteers to expand SFC’s education, outreach and empowerment programming
8. Create Resource Materials including, but not limited to manuals, best practices, and community toolboxes that can be easily replicated across the U.S. (e.g. Know Your Rights for Undocumented Families; SFC’s Consent workshops for Sikh college students; Teen College Prep workshops; Health and Wellness workshops)

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Name Donation Date
B. S. $3,695.00 November 2017
D. M. $400.00 November 2017
M. S. $200.00 November 2017
P. S. $200.00 November 2017
D. M. $700.00 November 2017
M. S. $500.00 November 2017
I. S. $200.00 November 2017
P. S. $100.00 June 2017
G. D. $50.00 March 2017
M. A. $2,500.00 February 2017
I. S. $504.00 January 2017
M. C. $100.00 January 2017
R. G. $100.00 December 2016
K. S. $500.00 December 2016
M. A. $250.00 December 2016
G. S. $100.00 December 2016
G. W. $101.00 December 2016

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