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Implementing clean stoves in India

A project of Prakti (association of DEW Labs)
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Over 1 million people in India die prematurely each year from diseases related to indoor air pollution from traditional cookstoves 


  • Millions of women and children are each inhaling the equivalent of 40 cigarettes per day from the heavy smoke of their traditional cookstoves, leading to onset of diseases such as pneumonia, stroke, heart and respiratory diseases, and cancer!

  • In addition, there is massive impact to the Environment
    • 10 million trees are being burnt for cooking
    • Over 4 million tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere

These people, mostly in rural India, continue to use these traditional cookstoves (burning wood or charcoal) since wood and charcoal are the only viable fuel options for them. LPG, electric power or solar energy is either too expensive or not accessible for them.

Prakti is solving this problem by deploying 10x better cookstoves


In India, we will be deploying our latest product called Prakti Air that fits into existing stove bodies. It functions by blowing air at the optimum pressure and velocity into an oxygen-deprived part of the fire, resulting in a dramatic decrease in emissions and an increase in fuel efficiency. There are many benefits including:

  • 90% reduction in toxic gasses 
  • 60% lesser consumption of wood
  • 3X faster cooking

Prakti Air allows families to keep their traditional cookstoves, passed down through generations. Now they can preserve their beautiful culture, the food they eat, the fuels they use and their loved ways of cooking. User adoption is significantly higher as a result.

To-date, Prakti technology has already:

  • Saved 460,000 trees from being cut down
  • Prevented 180,000 tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. 


Prakti (w/ support from Baru Sahib) needs your help to jump-start implementations in India (starting with villages in Punjab, Orissa or Himachal Pradesh)


Our immediate need is to raise at least $30,000 so that we can expand the pilot in Q4/Q1.

We will use the funds raised to:

  • Manufacture ~250 Prakti Air stoves
  • Hire a local team of engineers to implement and train villagers
  • Partner & train local distributors
  • Fund R&D to further reduce cost

Successful implementation of this pilot will not only improve the lives of villagers in the pilot but also will enable us to collect data and learnings so that we can expand to the rest of India. 

This will put us on the path to implementing ~10,000 cookstoves per month across all of India, by the end of 2023 at an affordable retail cost of below $25!

Make a difference with Prakti. Give today!



Recent Project Success


In June '22 we conducted a pilot in Khakli village, near Baru Sahib campus in Himachal Pradesh, India. We implemeted 8 Prakti Air stoves and not only saw significant reduction in air quality and wood consumption, but also received rave reviews from the villagers. See this video for some of the testimonials


Do you know anyone who could support us? 


In addition to donating money, we also appreciate help connecting us with the right people:

  • Distributors who have a presence in rural India to help us reach more people in need
  • CSR professionals who could help us receive grants to scale the project. 

Drop us a line at

Make today count. Give generously and enable Prakti to protect many more lives. 


  • 04/27/2023

    User testimonials from our long-term study

    Long Term Review of Prakti Air

    We circled back on the implementations of Prakti Air in India ~9-12 months post implementation and 87% of the users are still using and loving Prakti Air. These are incredible results, since industry average implementation rate is ~15%. Click on video above to watch the testimonials or click here

  • 03/29/2023

    Long-term feedback from users of Prakti Air

    In order to understand the long-term impact of Prakti Air stoves, we followed up with the users of Prakti Air at village Khakli near Baru Sahib Campus in Himachal Pradesh and a village near Calcutta.

    We had implemented Prakti Air stoves ~1 year ago and the purpose of the check-in was to obtain feedback from the users.

    We received extremely positive feedback on the use of Prakti Air. See here for user testimonials!


  • 01/01/2023

    Update on Jan 1 2023

    Prakti team has been super busy in the last few months. Here are a few highlights

    - Prakti engineers from US and Thailand met for a 2 week design sprint in Thailand in November and we prototyped and tested over 60+ variations of the stove. Insights from these will help us improve the effectiveness of the stove and make it even more cheaper and reliable

    - We are planning to conduct a pilot in Karnataka (india) in Feb '2023 at a Coffee Estate. This will enable us to obtain buy-in from neighboring Coffee and Tea estates and implement the cookstove

    - We are in discussions with 2 distributors in India to distribute our stoves

    - We are also researching how to monetize using Carbon Credits. 

  • 10/13/2022

    Update- Oct 2022

    Here's a status update 

    - We are in discussions with 2 distributors in India, who will help us distribute Prakti Air product to rural areas. We believe that the most effective way to implement cookstoves in rural India is via distributors

    - We are exploring ways to monetize Carbon credits (since use of Prakti Air leads to less emissions) and use that to subsidize stove cost

    - Our R&D team is in process of making Prakti Air more reliable and cheaper

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