Khalsa Camp USA 2018

A project of Khalsa Media Services
amrit.png Amrit Kaur
18418 Carlwyn Dr., California, US
$20,050pledged of $20,000 goal
$20,050goal: $20,000
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Khalsa Camp is the world's premiere Sikh retreat.

We aim to provide the highest quality and most inspirational Sikh camping experience available in the world; with the objective of equipping our campers with an in depth knowledge of Guru Sahib’s teachings in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Our goal is to promote and make Sikhi more accessible to the youth of North America, allowing individuals not only to learn about Sikhi, but experience it during the camp as well.

"Everyone's Welcome"
From the furthest ends of the globe to the nearest Gurdwara down the street, Khalsa Camp is open to all and provides an out of this world experience to everyone and anyone who attends, regardless of whatever stage of your spiritual journey you may be on.

Campers attending Khalsa Camp often come with a deep yearning and aspiration to ‘Discover the Spirit Within’ and with the grace of Guru Sahib we strive to ensure that their aspirations are fulfilled.

Khalsa Camp is a positive, inspirational and life-changing experience and we hope that each and every camper will take something of value from their time here. Your donations allow us to continue this seva!

Budget for Khalsa Camp 2018 USA: Total $39,000

Camp Site $20,000
Transportation $7,000
Promotion $2,000
Langar $5,000
Guest Speakers $4,000
Supplies $800
Miscellaneous $200

* Camp Registration Fee is subsidized to $150, differences in actual costs and costs we charge the campers will be made up by your donations.

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Name Donation Date
A. S. $50.00 August 2018
B. S. $510.00 August 2018
I. S. $500.00 August 2018
H. S. $200.00 July 2018
H. K. $1,000.00 July 2018
K. S. $500.00 July 2018
V. S. $2,000.00 July 2018
B. S. $1,000.00 July 2018
J. S. $100.00 July 2018
P. S. $645.00 July 2018
M. K. $5,500.00 June 2018
M. S. $1,100.00 April 2018
A. D. $1,000.00 April 2018
M. S. $1,100.00 March 2018
Z. B. $445.00 February 2018
Z. B. $2,000.00 February 2018
Z. B. $350.00 February 2018
B. S. $100.00 February 2018
M. S. $800.00 February 2018
M. S. $1,150.00 February 2018

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