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Our Sikh ancestors who migrated in 1947 to Chardha Panjab (land of rising sun) from Lehnda Panjab (land of setting sun) knew Shahmukhi Panjabi and Gurmukhi Panjabi. Would you like to learn Shahmukhi Panjabi so you can read Sufi poetry and reconnect with the rich heritage that you have been separated from for over 70 years? Many Sikh documents such as Zafarnaama are in Persian. To understand Persian, as Sikhs we will first have to learn the Shahmukhi script in which it is written.

Who & What?

Jeevay Sanjha Punjab brings together volunteer teachers from Chardha, Lehnda, and Diaspora Panjab to offer free online classes for you to learn:

a)    Shahmukhi Panjabi if you know Gurmukhi Panjabi, and

b)    Gurmukhi Panjabi if you know Shahmukhi Panjabi.

These classes help the people of Punjab to transcend national borders to create more understanding and mutual respect between Panjabi Sikhs and Panjabi Muslims irrespective of which part of the world they live. It is time for our generation to wash the bloodstains of 1947 of our ancestors by learning and connecting with the rich heritage of our common Punjab.

We have already completed our first batches of Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi classes and will continue to offer them alternatively online and free of cost.

Each class batch has 6-8 professionally presented classes in Panjabi for one hour each through zoom webinar. We hold optional zoom office hours in between each class.

Each class begins with a nostalgic video kalaam of Sufis (such as Baba Farid, Warris Shah, Bulleh Shah, and Madho Lal Hussain) to promote interfaith and intercultural harmony based on the knowledge that each side has been cut off from the other side due to language barriers for over 70 years.

You can help in three ways:

a) First if you know Gurmukhi, please sign up for the Shahmukhi Panjabi classes by emailing Also encourage your family and friends to also join these classes,

b) Second, if you have friends who know Shahmukhi and want to learn Gurmukhi, please request them to email, and 

c) Third, make a donation to this project so we can pay forward for underwriting this project.

How will funds be used?

We would like to continue to offer alternate Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi learning class – there seems to be a huge demand for it. The funds will be used for dedicated Zoom account, development of online resources, services and equipment to offer live classes and to record professionally the online classes, develop and print Qaidas (language learning aides) that can be made available online and in print format, and ultimately develop a website in the next 3-5 years – where we can offer authentic Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi resources for self-guided learning.

No funds collected will be used for payment to teachers – all of them are volunteers who are moved by the spirit of Jeevay Sanjha Punjab and will donate their time for this project so as to provide valuable cost share.

  • 07/24/2022

    New website for Shahmuki-Gurmukhi resources

    Our next Shahmukhi online learning class begins July 30 for 5 weeks. We have over 200 students registered for this class!

    Also Jeevay Sanjha Punjab is pleased to inaugurate its webpage at on this 75th anniversary of the partition of the Land of the Five Rivers.

    Jeevay Sanjha Punjab is an endeavor where we provide you the richness of history of Punjab. Punjab, the land of five rivers, has a glorious history of over 5,000 years. In our different projects, we are focused on the history, heritage, culture and language of Punjab. We started our journey from April 2020 and till now, we have worked on many unexplored expects of the history and heritage of this land of five rivers. We believe that every citizen of Punjab should play their role in bridging the gap between East and West Punjab, created by Partition 1947. We are working on it with our key focus on stories of Punjab Partition 1947. Also we make historical documentaries on various topics of the history of Desh Punjab. We organize talk shows with experts of language, culture and history of Punjab.

    In addition, we offer Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi learning free online classes. You can register for our upcoming Shahmukhi or Gurmukhi Batch from this website. You can also follow our Facebook page to stay updated about these classes:

  • 05/01/2022

    Shahmukhi third batch

    We just completed our third batch of Gurmukhi students who learned how to read Shahmukhi! About 250 students signed up for it.

  • 04/05/2022

    Classes going very strong!


    Our Gurmukhi Shahmukhi Project is going smooth. We have finished 3 Gurmukhi training batches and 2 Shahmukhi training batches. Our 3rd Shahmukhi training batch started on April 2, 2022. The classes are being conducted on weekends. There will be a total of 10 classes in this batch and it will end on May 1, 2022.

    A total of 291 students registered for third batch. Registrations for 4th Gurmukhi training batch are open right now.

    Our Shahmukhi Qaida is out for publishing and will be in hands soon.

  • 01/05/2022

    Classes are on a roll!

    This project was initiated by Jeevay Sanjha Punjab to bridge the gap between Charda (East) Punjab and Lehnda (west) Punjab created by Punjab Partition 1947. In this project, we are providing Gurmukhi classes to the people of Lehnda Punjab and Shahmukhi classes to the people of Charda Punjab so that they can connect with their roots deely and understand the literature, culture and traditions their ancestors had to leave in 1947.

    We have completed two batches of Gurmukhi and one batch of Shahmukhi. Our second Shahmukhi Batch is running right now.

    Following are the number of students registered in all these batches:

    Gurmukhi Batch 1: 44

    Shahmukhi Batch 1: 233

    Gurmukhi Batch 2: 189

    Shahmukhi Batch 2: 316

    Also, we have started receiving registrations for our third Gurmukhi Batch.

    Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi Qaidas are almost ready to publish in next few weeks in Charda and Lehnda Punjab.

    With support of you all, we hope to do more better in 2022 to reconnect Punjabis on both sides of border.

  • 10/17/2021

    Next Gurmukhi batch

    We have over 190 individuals registered for the 2nd Gurmukhi learning batch which begins on Friday, October 22 for 8 classes. It is for individuals who already know Shahmukhi.


    To join, please send email to

  • 10/03/2021

    Shahmukhi Qaida

    You will be pleased to learn that we have completed compiling a Qaida for learning Shahmukhi Panjabi from Gurmukhi Panjabi.


    Please email us for more information at:

  • 09/27/2021

    Classes being offered for rest of 2021

    We have completed one batch of Shahmukhi classes and one batch of Gurmukhi classes. For these Shahmukhi class, about 60% of students were from Chardha Panjab, 15% were from India outisde Chardha Panjab, 15% from USA or Canada, 5% from Europe, and 5% from the Middle East. For our Gurmukhi class, nearly all our students were from Lehnda Panjab.


    Future planned classes for 2021 are:

    1. Next Gurmukhi class begins in October 2021. To join please email

    2. Next Shahmukhi class begins in November. To join please email


    Kindly note the Shahmukhi classes are for those who know Gurmukhi and vice-versa.




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