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Kaur Foundation works with school districts, educators and students to bring awareness and knowledge of Sikh beliefs and values into classrooms and schools across the country. Over 50% of Sikh students report experiencing bullying and exclusion in school, where they spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Most teachers learn nothing in their regular training about Sikhi. The burden of educating teachers about Sikhi often falls on the shoulders of Sikh students and their parents. Kaur Foundation partners, at an institutional level, with school districts and national  professional organizations of organizations to bring carefully-reseached and represented educational resources and 'train the trainers' workshops about Sikhs and Sikhi.

 In December 2022 KF's key project is to showcase a Sikh exhibit to increase understanding of Sikh culture, distribute Langar to highlight the Sikh values of egalitarianism and seva, and present Professional Development Sessions on Sikhs and Sikhi at the National Social Studies Educators Conference(NCSS) that attracts over 5000 educators. This experiential knoweldge will be integrated by the teachers into their social studies curriculum across the United States.

Donors can help with their generous support to help raise $10,000 that will be grategully used to covere the costs of (i) Content development and programming for conference, (ii) Educational immersive experience of the Sikh exhibit, printing booth resourecs, and Langar for educators (iii) The first ever DEI awards that incentivizes social studies educators to focus teaching about Sikhs and Sikhi in their classrooms.





  • 02/14/2023

    Kaur Foundation's Conference Booth

    Sikhs and Sikhi Showcase at the National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference

    The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) is the largest professional organization of social studies, history, and humanities educators in the United States. The annual meeting brings together 5000+ classroom teachers, administrators, and numerous companies and organizations working in the education section. Kaur Foundation has participated in NCSS for many years, although this was the first in-person conference since 2019. The team was able to engage with educators throughout the weekend, as well as facilitate a Sikhi-focused presentation, special lunch event at the exhibit hall, and awards ceremony. 


    Our presentation, titled “Standing Out Yet Still Invisible: Including Sikh Americans in AAPI History and Heritage,” received great educator engagement.

    Exhibit Booth

    We had a booth in the exhibit hall,  with two sections: a “Sikh Museum” and “Sikh Curriculum resources”. We distributed a boxed langar sampler: many educators who stopped by during the busy langar distribution time came back later for more in-depth conversations. The booth was well-staffed throughout the weekend. KF Volunteers engaged with  300+ attendees from 40 states about KF’s resources and the importance of including Sikhi in the curriculum. 

    DEI Awards

    Kaur Foundation presented three inaugural awards at the 2022 NCSS Conference. These awards celebrate educators who are exemplars in promoting Sikh cultural literacy, Sikh religious literacy, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

    At the ceremony, NCSS President Dr. Shannon Pugh and Executive Director Dr. Lawrence Paska announced the new partnership to integrate these awards into the NCSS awards process. Going forward, these awards will be co-sponsored by Kaur Foundation and NCSS. 

    NCSS Press Release:

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