Sikhlens Publications: Bringing Sikh Stories to the Mainstream 2024-2025

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Project Description:

Support Sikhlens Publications: Bringing Sikh Stories to the Mainstream

Fundraiser Story:

Sikhlens Publications, a vital arm of SikhLens, has been at the forefront of cultural preservation and creativity for over 25 years. Our initiative began with the ambition to establish a global platform where artists and authors could share their stories. Over the years, we have successfully launched a series of art calendars and published impactful books, bringing Sikh diaspora stories to a worldwide audience.

Why does your project matter? What makes it important?

Our project is crucial because it is a vibrant medium for sharing and preserving Sikh culture and heritage. Through our publications, we illuminate the rich and diverse histories of the Sikh community, providing a window into our traditions and values. Our work is about maintaining a record of the past and ensuring that the vibrancy of Sikh culture is recognized and celebrated globally.

How can donors help?

Donors can support us by contributing financially to our projects. Your donations will assist in funding our publishing grants, supporting the creation of art calendars, and allowing us to expand our reach by backing more authors and artists under SikhLens Publications. Regardless of size, each donation plays a significant role in preserving and promoting Sikh heritage and stories.

How will you be using the funds you raise for your project?

The funds raised will be directly channeled into bringing our ambitious projects to life. This includes the 2025 SikhLens Art Calendar, which aims to showcase Sikh relics from private collections in the UK, and the publication of various impactful books and comics. Additionally, reaching our stretch goal of $70,000 will enable us to extend our support to a broader range of authors and artists, further enriching our cultural narrative.

Remember, your support not only helps preserve our heritage but also shares our vibrant stories with the world. Join us in this endeavor to bring Sikh stories to the mainstream.

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Name Donation Date
Jaswinder Grover MD $5,000.00 April 2024
Anonymous $100.00 April 2024
Simi Dargan $200.00 April 2024
Ishwinder Brara $150.00 April 2024
Anonymous $1,000.00 March 2024
Anju Wason $130.00 March 2024
Gurpreet Kaur Phokela $360.00 March 2024
Satnam Gambhir $260.00 March 2024
Nitin Khanna $100.00 February 2024
A. B. $28,200.00 February 2024

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