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Sikh Family Center's mission is to promote community health and well-being with a special focused on gender justice. We are the only organization focusing on these issues within the Sikh community. In seeking to build grassroots power, Sikh Family Center's model remains:

Lean Staffing + Strengthening the Power of Grassroots Volunteers.

To this end, we are launching a training program calling Sikhs from each state (training cohorts of at least 1 per state, and up to 3 per state) to apply for our Community Advocate Training Program.

Community Advocate Training Program

Over two days, for a total of 6 hours, Community Advocates will learn about how Sikh Family Center triages cases; what we provide as a national resource center as well as the only Sikh organization focused on gendered justice; the basics of trauma-centered and community-centered responses.

As a result of the training, Advocates will be able to better connect their local sangats with Sikh Family Center; will be able to ethically share bilingual resources while being an accessible point of contact for someone who seeks to be connected with resources; will feel confident in answering basic questions on “sensitive” issues.

The training will include 101/basic information about domestic violence; mental health; substance use; child abuse and safety. It will cover:

  • What should we say and not say to someone in a crisis?
  • How do you help a friend/community member in distress?
  • What is emotional/ physical/ mental/ spiritual safety planning and how can we support it?
  • What resources can we connect people with quickly and reliably?
  • What should someone expect when they reach out for assistance: what are their range of options and why/how do we respect their choices?


  • July 2022-January 2023: aim to train cohorts from 15 states and 3 existing Sikh organizations/collective.  
  • January 2023-August 2023: aim for train cohorts from remaining 35 states.

Your dasvandh will help fund

  • the trainers, subject-matter experts in topics that require nuanced understanding
  • offset costs for future Community Advocates who will travel for the training
  • costs for Sikh Family Center team traveling to provide trainings to the advocates as a mutually conveninent location
  • Training materials--copying and mailing--for participants who desire a remote training due to COVID.

Apply for the training

Complete the application for our Community Advocate Training Program!


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