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Our mission is to support young adults fighting rare sarcoma cancers.  We are going to do this through three pillars: support, research, and advocacy.

  1. Support: providing non-medical financial support, information, and emergency assistance to families of cancer patients
  2. Research: accelerating research through strategic investment and collaboration
  3. Advocacy: maximizing quality of care through advocacy for patients' mental and emothional health


Aameer's parents launched the Aameer Sahi Foundation to honor his wish to help others battling cancer and to prevent suffering.

We have been in operations since August 2021 and during this time we have partnered with three hospitals in the Chicagoland area to create patient financial assistance funds. We have sponsored a clinical trial in partnership with Northwestern Medicine and have sponsored multiple AYA events to help support advocacy for this population of patients.

The foundation is run all by volunteers keeping our cost low so that we can allocate as much of the funds contributed to our three pillars.

ASF will continue to carry Aameer's legacy forward and helping as many cancer patients as we can.

Learn more at http://www.aameersahifoundation.org

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