Financially supporting cancer patients currently undergoing treatment

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Aameer Sahi Foundation Inc., a 501(c) 3 entity, was founded from a promise between a father and a son, a pledge between a mother and a son to make sure that they would honor his wish to prevent others that are battling cancer from suffering. 

Aameer was diagnosed with cancer in December 2018, and was in and out of the hospital receiving treatment for many months.  Through these treatments and downtime, in the quiet moments, he would tell his parents "we had to help others, we had to prevent sufferings, we had to change outcomes".  In August 2019, 11 days after turning 21 years old, he peacefully passed away.  

Two years later on what would have been his 23rd birthday, his parents launched the Aameer Sahi Foundation (ASF) to honor his wish and to carry his legacy.  This project if to support on of the three pillars at ASF, patient financial assistance.

Aameer and his family know first hand how a cancer diagnosis is devasting not only for the patient but the family.  That the heart freezes in the moment of this life altering news, yet life continues to move forward; bills continue to accumulate.  The patient financial assistance fund is to help with non-medical expenses such as food, lodging, transportation, childcare etc.  Our goal is to help allievate some of their burden while they are in the fight of their lives. 

We have currently partnered with three hospitals in the Chicagoland area to offer these patient financial assistance funds and are hoping with the support of donors like yourself that we can add to these funds and partner with more hospitals regionally and nationally. 

  • 06/17/2024


    We have made progress with our partnership with DVN and are grateful for the support of our donors.  We have recently committed $30,000 to Northwestern over the next three years to continue to sustain the patient financial assistance fund.  We are slowly ensuring that patients that are in their toughest battle has some help and peace to navigate the life altering treatments.  Thank you to all for supporting ASF. #sahistrong

Name Donation Date
S. B. $15.00 July 2024
P. B. $20.00 July 2024
M. B. $100.00 July 2024
J. W. $25.00 July 2024
D. S. $25.00 July 2024
J. P. $25.00 July 2024
M. J. $50.00 July 2024
S. B. $15.00 June 2024
P. B. $20.00 June 2024
M. B. $100.00 June 2024
J. W. $25.00 June 2024
D. S. $25.00 June 2024
M. J. $50.00 June 2024
J. P. $25.00 June 2024
M. B. $100.00 May 2024
S. B. $15.00 May 2024
P. B. $20.00 May 2024
J. W. $25.00 May 2024
D. S. $25.00 May 2024
J. P. $25.00 May 2024
M. J. $50.00 May 2024
Match Fund $200.00 April 2024
Tarika Gupta $200.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Simrata Bamrah $15.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Jaspal Singh $50.00 April 2024
Kaitlin Ward $200.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Jean Ponsetto $25.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Debra Strus $25.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Parvinder Bamrah $20.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Michael Jhattu $50.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Mike Beucler $100.00 April 2024
Match Fund $100.00 April 2024
Joanna Waickus $25.00 April 2024
Shelly Kalladanthyil $50.00 April 2024
Hardarshan Valia $200.00 April 2024
Julie Anderson $50.00 April 2024

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