Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative

Diljeet Singh
Yuba City, California, US
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Our Vision


The Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative strives to eliminate health and social disparities within underserved and underprivileged populations by providing access to health education for the betterment of the mind, body, spirit.

We modeled our organization, and were inspired by the teachings and doings of Bhagat Puran Singh. We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization certificate. with tax ID #454451280 all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative is dedicated to providing health screenings and education to the South Asian community. We cannot do this without your support!

Our Story

The Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative, or BPSHI, began with a small group of passionate students in UC Davis and Sacramento State. They came together to organize a free health screening at their local gurudwara. Inspired by their efforts to provide selfless service, many other students created chapters in their undergraduate institutions and communities.


Today, BPSHI is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with 12 chapters in California, one in Chicago, one in Philadelphia, and counting! Our volunteers across BPSHI work in partnership with their local communities to host free health screenings but also have led their own new initiatives. Together they are working to initiate important health conversations, provide relevant resources, and exchange in learning with their local community members.


Real-time Impact

Here is a recent case study from one of our clinics:

One morning, during our clinics, a 45 year old man approached me with a big smile on his face and hugged me. I was perturbed at first because I didn’t remember him, and then he reminded me that he had had his glucose levels checked at the clinic back in February. I recalled a middle aged truck driver who had looked depressed, weak and fatigued with a distinct tingling in his feet and hands indications of diabetic neuropathy who had visited us back then. His blood glucose level was 500+ and we had immediately informed him that this was serious. We advised that he go to his employer and ask for health insurance since he didn’t have anything of that sort. We also provided him some health education on diabetes and information on some free clinics in the area and he was on his way.

I was looking at the face of the same truck driver today, utterly transformed. This was the same man 8 months later and it was obvious he had heeded to our advice. He was full of energy, happy, and thankful to be seeing us again. It turns out that his employer got him on Kaiser and the doctors and staff there put him on proper medications and recommended lifestyle modifications to help him live a better life. This profoundly changed his life and brought a new transformation over the past 8 months. These changes were apparent, and nothing short of amazing.

When I recognized him and he spoke to me about this, I experienced one of the most humbling moments of my life. It is a moment that I cannot forget and cannot describe. I wish I could capture that emotion and share it with you in a better way, but this will have to do. I realized that every small thing we do has the capacity to bring about profound change in the lives of others. The realization totally humbled me. Clinics like this are important, both for men like the truck driver who realized the seriousness of his disease and for people like me, who really want to help in any way possible. I want to thank all of you since a clinic like this could not be possible without you.

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Match Fund $30.00 November 2023
B. S. $10.00 November 2023
B. S. $10.00 October 2023
B. S. $10.00 September 2023
B. S. $10.00 August 2023
B. S. $10.00 July 2023
B. S. $10.00 June 2023
B. S. $10.00 May 2023
B. S. $10.00 April 2023
B. S. $10.00 March 2023
M. S. $11.25 February 2023
B. S. $10.00 February 2023
M. S. $11.25 January 2023
B. S. $10.00 January 2023
M. S. $11.25 January 2023
Gagandeep Grewal $100.00 December 2022
B. S. $10.00 December 2022
M. S. $11.25 November 2022
Gurpreet Kaur & Satinder Malhi $1,000.00 November 2022
B. S. $10.00 November 2022
Match Fund $50.00 November 2022
Anonymous $50.00 November 2022
J. B. $100.00 November 2022
Anonymous $50.00 November 2022
Bhajneet Singh $10.00 October 2022
Anonymous $11.25 October 2022
Anonymous $50.00 December 2021
Sukhpal khehra $20.00 November 2021
Gagandeep Grewal $100.00 November 2021
Harmeet Mann $100.00 November 2021
Match Fund $30.00 November 2021
Jugroop Brar $30.00 November 2021
Anonymous $140.00 October 2021
Anonymous $85.00 July 2021
GP Singh $1,000.00 December 2020
Gagandeep Grewal $100.00 December 2020
Match Fund $50.00 November 2020
Daljeet Dhillon $50.00 November 2020
D. S. $50.00 April 2020
Mandheraj Singh $50.00 December 2019
Sukhpal khehra $20.00 November 2019
Match Fund $100.00 November 2019
Anonymous $100.00 November 2019
N. P. $684.00 August 2019
NP3 High School Punjabi Club $167.00 April 2019
S. P. $10.00 March 2019
S. P. $10.00 February 2019
S. P. $10.00 January 2019
S. P. $10.00 December 2018
S. P. $10.00 November 2018
Match Fund $250.00 November 2018
Bhajneet Singh $250.00 November 2018
Match Fund $100.00 November 2018
Vikram Singh $100.00 November 2018
S. P. $10.00 October 2018
S. P. $10.00 September 2018
S. P. $10.00 August 2018
A. S. $25.00 August 2018
S. P. $10.00 July 2018
A. S. $25.00 July 2018
S. P. $10.00 June 2018
A. S. $25.00 June 2018
S. P. $10.00 May 2018
A. S. $25.00 May 2018
S. P. $10.00 April 2018
A. S. $25.00 April 2018
G. S. $250.00 April 2018
S. P. $10.00 March 2018
A. S. $25.00 March 2018
S. P. $10.00 February 2018
A. S. $25.00 February 2018
S. P. $10.00 January 2018
A. S. $25.00 January 2018
S. P. $10.00 December 2017
M. B. $10.00 December 2017
A. S. $25.00 December 2017
D. M. $100.00 November 2017
N. K. $41.00 November 2017
S. P. $10.00 November 2017
D. M. $100.00 November 2017
M. B. $10.00 November 2017
A. S. $25.00 November 2017
S. K. $1,000.00 November 2017
D. M. $500.00 November 2017
M. S. $500.00 November 2017
A. S. $25.00 October 2017
A. S. $25.00 September 2017
A. C. $100.00 August 2017
A. S. $25.00 August 2017
A. S. $25.00 July 2017
R. K. $20.00 July 2017
A. S. $25.00 June 2017
A. S. $25.00 May 2017
A. S. $25.00 April 2017
A. S. $25.00 March 2017
A. S. $25.00 February 2017
A. S. $25.00 January 2017
A. S. $2,000.00 December 2016
A. D. $90.00 December 2016
S. C. $50.00 December 2016
A. S. $25.00 December 2016
A. D. $20.00 December 2016
S. B. $15.00 December 2016
A. D. $56.00 December 2016
G. C. $10.00 November 2016
N. S. $50.00 November 2016
J. S. $50.00 November 2016
J. K. $500.00 November 2016
J. S. $150.00 November 2016
B. B. $100.00 November 2016
B. K. $100.00 November 2016
D. M. $100.00 November 2016
A. S. $25.00 November 2016
J. M. $25.00 November 2016
J. M. $25.00 November 2016
B. H. $10.00 November 2016
R. S. $50.00 November 2016
B. S. $250.00 August 2016
H. B. $151.00 August 2016
K. J. $50.00 July 2016
A. S. $1,000.00 December 2015
S. S. $100.00 December 2015
M. S. $50.00 November 2015
V. S. $25.00 November 2015
M. S. $10.00 October 2015
M. S. $25.00 September 2015
M. S. $10.00 August 2015

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