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Santa Rosa, California, US
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To grow as an organization, we need someone who has skills in marketing and fundraising. Our goals, with this new fellow, will be to redesign our website, begin new long-term fundraisers, and write grants that will help us sustain any new growth we desire in the future. The new growth includes, but is not limited to, opening new chapters across the country on the east coast, hiring a full-time employee (this fellowship will be part-time), publishing research about the Sikh community, and so much more.

The employee whom we are seeking will be paid a stipend over the course of a 9-month long incumbency. We will be campaigning profusely for the next six months to prepare the funds for this position. We will also spend the next few months planning out the specific responsibilities of our fellow so that his/her transition into the position will be smooth and effective. This will be a part-time position, and thus we need to collect more funds than we have been receiving during our clinics. We are planning on providing this individual with a generous stipend for 15-30 hours worth of expected duties every week.

We hold California-wide BPSHI conferences every year so that all members know of other chapters' initiatives. We began having this yearly conference for all our members to be able to see how BPSHI exists outside of their respective chapters. This event has been known to instill immense passion and motivation in our members. Some of our most memorable projects and ideas have come from discussions during this event (examples of such projects are listed below in the documents section!). To sustain this conference, and to maintain its affordability for our members, we ask that you donate.

To create space for BPSHI leaders to congregate, share ideas, build projects, and learn from each other how to grow into better community health organizers, we hold leadership retreats twice year. So far our leaders have not had to pay, and we would like to maintain that; these retreats are meant to invigorate and motivate our leaders to give their 100% in their roles, and we want their focus to be solely on self-development.

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N. S. $10.00 May 2018
N. S. $10.00 April 2018
N. S. $10.00 March 2018
N. S. $10.00 February 2018
N. S. $10.00 January 2018
K. S. $200.00 December 2017
G. K. $10.00 December 2017
N. S. $10.00 December 2017
V. S. $20.00 November 2017
D. M. $100.00 November 2017
G. K. $10.00 November 2017
D. M. $310.00 November 2017
N. S. $10.00 November 2017
I. S. $200.00 November 2017
K. F. $15.00 September 2017
A. K. $23.00 September 2017
I. I. $20.00 September 2017
S. K. $20.00 September 2017
J. S. $100.00 August 2017
J. S. $100.00 July 2017
J. S. $100.00 June 2017
J. S. $100.00 May 2017
M. B. $1,000.00 March 2017
I. S. $500.00 March 2017
D. S. $500.00 March 2017
H. M. $200.00 March 2017
R. S. $500.00 December 2016

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