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Birinder Singh
Atlanta, Georgia, US

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We are a welfare organization serving widows, orphans, deserving students and destitute seniors irrespective of caste, creed and religion since 1984.

Nishkam has been providing support to Sikligar society by sponsoring the education of their children and building homes for them in various states of India.

Nishkam has been running a large scholarship program for both University/College and school-level students. Over the years, we have seen many of our sponsored students go on to become successful and role model citizens.

Besides this, Nishkam also runs a Medical Centre, Computer centre, Type/Shorthand centre, Tuition centre, Music Centre and Library at its head office in New Delhi. A smaller computer centre is also operational in Sri Muktsar Sahib, in Punjab where young children are introduced to computers for the first time.

None of this would have been possible had it not been for generous donors like yourself. We thank you on behalf of all our beneficiaries. 

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Name Donate Amount Date
P. S. $100.00 September 2023
P. S. $100.00 August 2023
P. S. $100.00 July 2023
P. S. $100.00 June 2023
Arman Bains $750.00 June 2023
P. S. $100.00 May 2023
P. S. $100.00 April 2023
P. S. $100.00 March 2023
Anonymous $2,500.00 February 2023
Anonymous $2,500.00 February 2023
P. S. $100.00 February 2023
Anonymous $2,500.00 February 2023
P. S. $100.00 January 2023
Anonymous $1,000.00 December 2022
P. S. $100.00 December 2022
Anonymous $100.00 December 2022
P. S. $100.00 November 2022
Sharanpreet Singh $400.00 November 2022
P. S. $100.00 October 2022
P. S. $100.00 September 2022
P. S. $100.00 August 2022
P. S. $100.00 July 2022
J. S. $100.00 June 2022
P. S. $100.00 June 2022
J. S. $100.00 May 2022
P. S. $100.00 May 2022
Anonymous $100.00 April 2022
P. S. $100.00 April 2022
P. S. $100.00 March 2022
Parminder Singh $100.00 February 2022
Match Fund $400.00 November 2021
Gurpreet Pental $400.00 November 2021
Sharanpreet Singh $400.00 November 2021
Harbans Lal $20,000.00 August 2021

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