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Raj Academy
Leesburg, Virginia, US
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Music to Heal the Mind


Raj Academy is the leading charity and global institute for training in the art of Sikh Music for wellness. It's our vision to see individuals equipped with tangible tools to easily overcome emotional and mental challenges through sacred techniques of Sikh Music.

We provide expert educational training programs worldwide to invest in a new future armed with the best tools and training to foster happier, healthier and purposeful lives.

Our profound research is focused on restoring the applied science of Raag according to the rules of Gram and Moorchana. Our carefully structured educational programs are built on the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to revive, grow and evolve the mindset of Sikhi in today's world. We actively promote and teach the original Sikh string instruments to support the healing and transformational impact of Raag Kirtan on the human psyche.

Giving Back

We offer workshops, outreach activities and talks by giving back to the community along with resources such as Shabad recordings, essays, articles and our multi-award-winning documentary “Sikh Musical Heritage – The Untold Story”.

Support Our Work

We strive to build an inclusive global Sangat where everyone can contribute to Guru Nanak Sahib's mission of healing sacred sounds and feel their support being put to the best possible use and action. This is why we create focused and transparent projects for your donation to help in the area that inspires you the most. By giving to our Raj Academy organisation page, you help us run our charity, conduct research, develop and sufficiently run more outreach and community projects.

Get in Touch

To learn more, visit www.rajacademy.com or reach out to us at [email protected].



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Gurpreet Singh $100.00 October 2022
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Match Fund $25.00 November 2020
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Paramjit Grewal $101.00 November 2019
Match Fund $150.00 November 2019
MOHANJIT SIDHU $150.00 November 2019
Nai Dukan $50.00 November 2019
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Anonymous $180.00 August 2019

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Aartee - An Anthem for the Universe

Aartee - An Anthem for the Universe: Recording and sharing Guru Nanak's universal ant

Current Projects

Sohila - Sweet Nights: A healing hand for insomnia, dementia and Alzheimer's

Let's bring Guru Sahib's sacred lullaby to life for the health and happiness of human