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SikhNet is a source of inspiration that nurtures spiritual growth and supports a Sikh lifestyle, serving a global and diverse community in the spirit of Oneness and Chardi Kalaa.

SikhNet is a global virtual community for Sikhs and all those interested in the Sikh way of life. We provide news, educational services, and educational materials on Sikhism. We do this by providing spiritual education and resources in a non-judgemental, neutral environment intended to inspire and uplift all those who participate in it. 

SikhNet is the one of the oldest Sikh websites founded on Vaisakhi day in 1996, and currently receiving over 600,000 users per month.

Some of our popular services are the Gurbani Media Center, Daily Hukamnama followed by many other services such as the daily Sikh News, Childrens Animated Stories, SikhNet radio, Inspirational Youtube Videos, Online Sikhi Courses, Sikhiwiki Encylopedia, discussion forums, Youth Q&A, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib online and our downloads (Bani files, kirtan audios, Gurmukhi Fonts etc.).

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Name Donate Amount Date
S. T. $21.00 January 2023
Gurinder Singh $1,000.00 December 2022
Sandeep Tuli $21.00 December 2022
Kamaljit Singh $100.00 November 2022
G. G. $500.00 November 2022
Match Fund $100.00 November 2022
Manvinder Chopra $100.00 November 2022
Anonymous $50.00 March 2022
Gurinder Singh $1,000.00 December 2021
A. &. $1,000.00 December 2021
Baljit Soni $25.00 November 2021
Match Fund $150.00 November 2021
Anonymous $150.00 November 2021
Arvind Singh $200.00 November 2021
Match Fund $400.00 November 2021
Gurbachan Singh $400.00 November 2021
Match Fund $400.00 November 2021
Deepbella Khalsa $400.00 November 2021
Harbans Lal $2,500.00 August 2021
S. T. $100.00 December 2020
Maninderpal Mundian $100.00 November 2020
Match Fund $100.00 November 2020
Manvinder Chopra $100.00 November 2020
Harbans Lal $1,000.00 November 2020
Baljit Soni $25.00 November 2020
Match Fund $250.00 November 2020
G. G. $250.00 November 2020
Match Fund $100.00 November 2020
Sameep Singh $100.00 November 2020
Match Fund $200.00 November 2020
Anonymous $200.00 November 2020

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