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About the Guru Nanak Bagh (Garden):

This is the first ever gurbani based garden that will exhibit the entire range of trees/plant species referred in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib along with the related Gurbani quotes.

Guru Nanak Bagh covers 5-acre land, situated at a historical Gurdwara, Gurusar Sahib in Patto Hira Singh village in Moga, Punjab. This garden is dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev ji on his 550th Gurpurab and it will serve as a live workshop, an exclusive educating centre for our children, youngsters and the elders to bridge the gap between Sikhism and Nature. 

It will attract people of all faiths & religions, environmentalists & nature lovers, scholars & professionals, devotees and all those who seek personal and spiritual benefit.

Why Guru Nanak Bagh?

Our homeland Punjab is suffering from critical environmental situation. Today a huge Sikh population that lives in Punjab is breathing poor quality air and drinking contaminated water. Our tree cover has reduced down to 3.5% in Punjab which ideally should be 33%. In the last 8 years we have learnt that our current generation hasn't valued the nature and environment the way our Gurus have taught us. Hence there is a dire need to establish an educational centre for our generation to experience gurbani and nature. This project highlights this beautiful relationship that Guru Nanak has described in his bani

So far in Guru Nanak Bagh

  • EcoSikh has planted over 400 trees from 14 species (Simmal, Amb, Dhakk, Neem, Chandan, Beri, Khajoor etc)  mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Sprinkler irrigation system is installed and being maintained. 
  • Temporary garden plaques have been established exhibiting both common name and botanical name of the tree in English and Punjabi, and the gurbani quote which refers the tree. 

Our budget for next 12 months

The total budget for the next one year is $37,000 which include major developments in landscape and other construction work as below:

  • Mapping of site: irrigation map, hardscape map and landscape map
  • Visitor info centre
  • Plantation of the remaining 27 species of plants and shrubs
  • Walkways 
  • Sitting and resting area (benches etc.)
  • Garden plaques (to exhibit tree name and gurbani quotes)
  • Lighting system
  • Sound system for ambience
  • Development of island and aquatic plants from gurbani
  • Literature research and development in different languages
  • Toilets
  • Highway signboards
  • Publicity and celebrations
  • Professionals' fee etc.

Information for donors

Your donation will support this project to emerge as a landmark of Sikhism and Environmental training. We need each and every Sikh to become a part of this project. Your Dasvandh will ensure that our Sikh environmental values will be shared with our youngsters and to the rest of the world. It will empower the youth of Punjab and the Sikhs in the diaspora to restore the quality of air in Punjab.

Let’s make Punjab breathe-able again, so that our heartland shall always remain special for us and for our future generations.

  • 11/06/2020

    Updates from Guru Nanak Bagh 2020

    Since 2019, we have planted hundreds of trees and shrubs apart from Guru Granth Sahib Ji in this garden. As an impact, we have witnessed a huge change after the lockdown. Guru Nanak has sent a lot of fireflies which reminds us of his verse Balehari kudrat vasya.

    Fireflies at Guru Nanak Bagh, Moga

    Here is a video link to see some updates:

    Thousands of Fireflies at Guru Nanak Bagh-September 2020

    Apart from that two bamboo huts have been constructed as a resting area, the pond has attracted wild ducks called murgabi, and cranes aka bagla.

    In September 2020, EcoSikh has also planted a micro forest of 1313 saplings in the Guru Nanak Bagh.

    In addition to that the most important big boulders with Gurbani quotes including the tree names, meaning of the quote in English and Punjabi have arrived at the garden and will be established this year to mark the presence of the plant name in Gurbani.

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