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Our Latest Vision

For 20+ years, Khalis Foundation has provided impactful tools and technology for the community to better access Gurbani and Sikhi. We're very excited to share our next project: the Hazoor App.

This project will be incredibly transofmrational for Sikhs across the world. We will be providing people with the tools to ask many question is on their mind to get an an answer fueled utterly by Gurbani. Many people have questions on their mind but do not have a place to ask your deepest questions anonymously and privately and get answers instantly through Gurbani. 

How Does It Work? 

Imaging yourself or someone who wants direction based on Gurbani, but just doesn't know where to look and how to start. This user may not even speak Punjabi or understand Gurbani/Gurmukhi.

The Gurbani Chat Bot would make it possible for them to ask any type of question and based on "Natural Language Processing", our application will automatically recommend certain shabads to them, and highlighted the context that applies to their questions.

But there is more to this - we are building next generation of Sikhi apps and tools based on cutting edge technology that includes artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will be able to learn a lot from the user behavior and patterns, and also improve the experiance of other products.

Our Inspiration

Bots are everywhere, and possibly multiple of them even at your home. Think about Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, perhaps your thermostat or even your fridge. You might have interacted with one at some point recently where you were speaking a bot, that sounded like a human but in fact the responses were being provided by bot, based on conversational AI that include machine learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities.

Our inspiration to build the Hazoor app comes from the emergence of chat bots over the past several years. We have the most user data and the biggest and most accurante digital Gurbani database ever created.

SikhiToTheMax Website is one of the most popular Gurbani websites, and one of our flagship products. One of the capabilities missing today is precisely what we are trying to build with the Gurbani Chat Bot. Data suggests that users are looking for direct answers to their questions. Current Sikhi apps and websites are not setup to answer these types of searches, unless they are an FAQ type of database but even these don't have the capability to answer such questions directly.

This app will also allow us connect non-Sikhs and non-Punjabis with Gurbani.

How Can You Help?

Donors can be a huge help towards this project as funding this project can make this a reality. By donating, you'll be able to help many people get questions on their mind answered in a safe space. This will be crucial for people who are researchign, confused, need directions or a little help. It can be used by educators, practicers and many more

How Will Funds Be Used? 

We will be using funds to employ a dedicated engineer, designer and a data analyst to work on this product over a six month period. This will be an ongoing development effort and improvements will be released overtime. Funding from this project will also be used towards building the infrastructure required to host the data and models to serve responses based on "Natural Language Processing" (machine learning).

Khalis Foundation employees a teams of paid staff located in places like Punjab, Delhi, Australia and Canada, and volunteers located globally.

Entire cost of the project will be well over $50,000 but will be offset by volunteer contributions towards the technology and research. 

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