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Hackettstown, New Jersey, US
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Sidak Leadership Program is a unique two-week experiential and educational experience that brings Sikhs from diverse backgrounds together to learn with and from one another. Sidak promotes the concepts and skills needed to be a life-long learner in leadership and life. This program will be a “game-changer” in the participants' lives.

The Sidak Leadership Program is fee-free again, so we appeal to you to support this Sikh youth. On average, it costs about $1,000 to sponsor one student. Each donation is valued in bringing Sikhi closer to our community. 

You have a unique opportunity to provide 18-39 Sikh adults a chance to attend the two-week immersion program, which combines Surat (awareness) and Ruh (spirit). These two are equally important and balanced in the program as participants journey towards becoming Guru-centered. 

The participants will engage in many activities, including organizing a cohort group, presenting group thoughts and ideas, leading a discussion on a given topic, listening to content delivery, and expressing new solutions to old problems. 

Three offered tracks are designed through the lens of bani (wisdom), tvarikh (history), and rahit (lifestyle) and serve as the foundation for Sidak. Our instructors and facilitators bring their experiences, education, and passions to the classroom. This unique learning opportunity will help young adults better connect to their inner selves, build stronger relationships, and infuse the Sikhi spirit into their future goals and endeavors.

Sikhi 101: Introduction to Sikh History & Theology

Sikhi 201: Religion & Revolution

Gurbani 101: Introduction to Guru Granth Sahib

Sidak Leadership Development Program | Learn Sikh Culture & History

Sidak 2024 will take place from 21 July to 3 August 2024. Application will open Decemeber 1, 2023. 

For 2024, we are offering Sidak fee-free to 60 participants. Will you support us as we seek to raise $10,000 in fee sponsorship? 



  • 06/07/2023

    Sidak 2023 is almost here!


    Sidak is an experience for those aged 18-40 to strengthen their connection to the Sikh faith while developing their leadership skills. Sidak is a unique experiential and educational experience that brings Sikhs from diverse backgrounds together to learn with and from one another. Since 2003, the Sidak program has been transforming young adults into Sikhi-inspired leaders through the lens of the Gurmat framework based on Bani (text), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle). From 23 July to 5 August, Sidak will return to Khalsa Centre in Mission, British Columbia again. In this immersive experience, Sidakers will dive deeper into their own Sikhi through the lens of Gurmat (the Guru’s Wisdom) and have the opportunity to be inspired by the facilitators and the other participants. Sidak will provide participants with an opportunity to enhance their personal relationship with IkOankar, engage in critical conversations about issues affecting Sikhs and the Panth, and develop opinions on non-Sikh issues that are supported by a Gurmat framework. 

    Thanks to the generosity of our amazing donors, Sidak 2023 will be offered fee-free for the second year in a row. Your support has provided a life-changing experience for the largest group of Sidakers that we had in 20 years. On behalf of the Sidakers, both last year and this coming year, we thank you for your continued support of Sidak! 

    “I appreciate this opportunity so much, and it’s helped me grow into a better leader, more thorough thinker, and more impactful Sikh. It’s also given me a huge network. Amazing experience overall!” - Mohkam Singh, 2022.

    “Thank you for making Sidak possible this year. I am so grateful I got to be a part of such a unique and incredible experience!“ - Sukhmani Kaur, 2022

    “This would not have been possible without all of your help. It’s been a really educational and mind-opening experience, and we thank you for that aid in creating this opportunity for the next generation of the Panth.” - Nihal Singh, 2022

Name Donation Date
Baljit Singh $11.00 May 2024
Anonymous $17.00 May 2024
A. M. $33.00 April 2024
A. M. $33.00 March 2024
A. M. $33.00 January 2024
Anonymous $50.00 December 2023
Jassal Family $5,000.00 December 2023
Match Fund $200.00 November 2023
Komal Dang $200.00 November 2023
Match Fund $100.00 November 2023
Anonymous $100.00 November 2023
Match Fund $80.00 November 2023
Anonymous $80.00 November 2023
Match Fund $200.00 November 2023
Anonymous $200.00 November 2023
Match Fund $350.00 November 2023
Paramjit Grewal $350.00 November 2023
Match Fund $150.00 November 2023
Hira Chhabra $150.00 November 2023
Match Fund $250.00 November 2023
Ishdeep Singh $250.00 November 2023
Match Fund $20.00 November 2023
M. G. $20.00 November 2023
J. K. $10.00 July 2023
J. K. $10.00 May 2023
A. M. $33.00 April 2023
J. K. $10.00 April 2023
A. M. $33.00 March 2023
J. K. $10.00 March 2023

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