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2019 would mark the 550th Prakash Purab (Illumination Day) of Guru Nanak Sahib. To commemorate this monumental event new SikhRI courses like Japu and Pahare are being curated to celebrate Guru Sahib’s life and legacy.

Enrich your understanding

Start with the foundations of what it means to be a Sikh. With a bit of curiosity, you’ll soon uncover the vastness of Gurbani.

Develop a deeper connection

Instead of overwhelming you with generalizations, most SikhRI courses explore particular aspects of Sikh life, such as Gurbani grammar or Kirtan.

Experience the fragrance

Even with profound knowledge of Gurbani, continued learning will inspire subtle realizations that revive the vigor with which you used to approach Sikhi at the beginning of your journey.

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  • 08/30/2018

    Project Update

    The last few months were busy for SikhRI. We’ve released Ghoria, a new online course based on the bani of the same name that draws a parallel between the worldly marriage and the marriage with the Divine. Another release from us was a new Gurmat educational unit on Seva, with a goal of bringing the young audience closer to reaching a Guru-inspired life.  Online courses are at the heart of SikhRI, as we believe in creating a safe space for people to delve deeper into Gurbani at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes. Anyone in the world should have access to Gurmat education, not just those able to attend in-person events. We are still raising funds for the Gurmat Sangit online course, to support this course make a donation here.


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Amrit Kaur $52.00 April 2019
Mandeep Gill $100.00 November 2018
Gurpal Bhuller $250.00 November 2018
Match Fund $100.00 November 2018
M. D. $100.00 November 2018
G. S. $51.00 November 2017
C. S. $25.00 November 2017
G. B. $100.00 November 2017
C. S. $25.00 October 2017
C. S. $25.00 September 2017
C. S. $25.00 August 2017
A. K. $20.00 August 2017
C. S. $25.00 July 2017
J. K. $200.00 July 2017
C. S. $25.00 June 2017
C. S. $25.00 May 2017
C. S. $25.00 April 2017
C. S. $25.00 March 2017
C. S. $25.00 February 2017
C. S. $25.00 January 2017
R. S. $200.00 December 2016
C. S. $25.00 December 2016
D. M. $100.00 November 2016
C. S. $25.00 November 2016
J. S. $500.00 November 2016
D. M. $451.00 November 2016
B. B. $451.00 November 2016

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