Treatment Facility for Disenfranchised Elders in Punjab

A project of Prabh Aasra (Unified Family)
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As a result of changing culture, elderly people are being considered to be a burden and often seen as a hindrance in the way of one's independence. This sentiment is taking a negative turn and many have openly voiced against supporting their parents when they enter old age. 

Although nursing homes, private and public, are common in the western world, this is not the norm in India - creating a very specific situation. Although this is not the case across the board, many day-to-day needs likeshelter, food, love and care of elderly members are not being provided. 

The goverment does not have the infrastructure available to address the large population of elderly members, who require support on a regular bsis. Privately run senior care homes are far too expensive to be affordable by common people. Thus, there is a need to build and run charitable facilities for orphaned, mentally or physically disabled, elderly and any disenfranchised members of our community. We do all this without any costs to the individuals, which is why we're asking for your support.

Our Current Impact 

At this moment,these are the number of inhabitants we're taking care of: 

  • Total number of inhabitants admitted: 1972
  • Number of inhabitants reunited with their families / reintegrated into society: 1292 
  • Present Inhabitants: 403 
    • >50 Years: 116
    • <50 years age: 287

Currently on our facility, there is only three homes with different wards to accommodate persons of all ages (the breakdown of which is given above). Due to many reasons related to their volatile mental state and specific medical needs, these inhabitants can quarrel with each other, which on occassion can escalate into injury to each other. Thus, this has influenced our vision for our new facility to ensure we keep everyone's safety in mind. 

Vision: A Facility to Tackle this Challenge

Over the years, we at Prabh Aasra have come to the conclusion that both groups, the elderly and the young, should be housed in separate, independent wards. In so doing, we would resolve conflict at the facility AND open more capacity to support this growing need. Our goal is to create a new facility that can provide shelter,  care, food and treatment for 250 elderly members at a time. 

The immediate impact would be: 

  • Needy elderly being duly taken care of and provided with their necessities and living their lives gracefully 
  • Create a better culture of kindness and empathy within the facility, inspiring more efforts in society to care for the elderly 
  • With this additional infrastructure, we will be able to support to more needy elders.

The impact over the years would be: 

  • Although the government has enacted a Mental Health Act, lack of infstracture and understanding of the issues leave many mentally disadvantaged citizens devoid of shelter, care and treatment. This would serve as a long standing way to address that gap. 
  • We can expand our 24/7 mental health services for the disenfracnhished within. This includes:
    • Mentally disadvntaged
    • Physically handicapped
    • Persons with multiple disabilities and disorders
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Rape victims (ladies)
    • Pregnant ladies
    • Abandoned old age persons
    • Abandoned children even through cradle
    • Underprivileged
    • Single parents children
    • Unmarried elders
    • Paralysed elders

It is important to note that all services are provided to these people in need, free of cost, without any discrimination in any manner such as race, religion, caste, color, creed, and gender. 

Facility Overview

The project being planned and proposed is situated at Padiala, Kurali, India. We have planned to accommodate following in the new premises:

  • Male: 100 members
  • Female: 100 members
  • Couples 50 members

To accommodate the people in need and varying ages, we have asked architects to design a building that would meet the needs of inhabitants within an existing plot of land.The architect has thus provided the plan of four floors, which is being attached for reference and verification.

Facility Costs

The estimated cost of the building has been worked out by certified evaluators the report of as $2,400,000. We'll be constructing the building in Phases, so that it can used partially, as early as possible.

Initial Costs:

As far as the construction of the building this would be a one-time cost except the time to time maintenance and upkeep of the premises.

Ongoing Costs: 

It is furthermore being made clear that there would be ongoing expenses to run the institute for over 250 persons which, as it appears, would be managed with the grace of Waheguru ji and support of kind hearted persons. 

How Can You Support?

Donors may contribute on this page. You can donate for construction materials, ongoing support, etc. If there's anything particularly you'd like for us to use your funds, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

Additionally, you may also provide your support in other ways as for the medical facility, food, articles for the use of elderly mothers/fathers living at Prabh Aasra.

  • 01/19/2023

    Many Elderly Provided care, shelter and treatment

    A roof over the head is a critical need of the elderly, especially those who are sick and abandoned by families or those uprooted by disasters. 
    Recently some of elderly needy citizens reached Prabh Aasra during the last month for care, treatment and shelter. Here are some clips of recent cases.

    Many more elderly are residing who are under regular care, love and treatment. 

  • 10/16/2022

    Elderly destitute at Prabh Aasara

    Elders had spiritual, social, emotional needs along with their care and treatment. Prabh Aasra is making efforts to cope up with these all for the regularly reaching Old Age/ elderly destitute. Recently some elderly destitute were admitted and all the cases were in urgent need of treatment. Out of these an inhabitant who was working as Granthi at Gurudwara Sahib from very long, but after he met with an accident at home his lower back stopped working and got him into the condition of being bed ridden. No one is in his family present to take care, he is currently at society for care and treatment.  


    Same as there is an old Bibi ji during the last seasonal harsh rains her roof got damaged and she was living in very pitiful conditions under a polythene tent. Because of her old age, she was not able to see from both of her eyes. After care, treatment and operation of her eyes she is again able to see this beautiful world. 

                        DURING ADMISSION                                                           AFTER TREATMENT

    Many more elderly are residing who are under regular care, love and treatment. 


  • 07/15/2022

    Severe cases of elderly destitute reach last month

    Recently 15 elderly needy destitute were admitted in last months out of which some are severe cases that were referred for admission by the government hospitals and PGI. According to the doctors they were only to be taken care of till their last breath as they will not survive long. Soon after their admission, they were referred to Prabh Aasra Hospital for further treatment and investigations. One of the mentaly unstable old mother was admitted along with her child by GMCH-32 Hospital, chandigarh. After recovery and care, they were reunited with his elder son. Many more elederly were  admitted who are under regular care, love and treatment.


    As per the facilities required for elderly people in Prabh Aasra old age home, few of the modifications are needed in the map which are under process. 


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Anonymous $1,950.00 October 2022
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Manpreet Singh $300.00 October 2022
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J. G. $500.00 October 2022
jaspreet kaur $100.00 October 2022
R. C. $50.00 September 2022
J. G. $500.00 September 2022
Match Fund $20.00 August 2022
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Anonymous $1,500.00 April 2022
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Rajesh Chugani $50.00 April 2022
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Gurinder Singh $100.00 April 2022
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Jatinder Batra $51.00 April 2022
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Anonymous $101.00 April 2022

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